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Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Delights

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It’s that time of the week!  It’s Top Ten Tuesday time!  What is TTT? TTT is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.  Each week there is a new theme in which you create a list of your top ten based off that theme.  Check out their blog for more info and to see upcoming themes.


This week’s theme is bookish delights!  Thinking about all the things I love about books & reading gave me those warm fuzzy feelings inside.  I thoroughly enjoyed writing this post!

In no particular order, here is my top ten bookish delights…

10.) A beautiful bookcase


I don’t know about you all, but I love my bookcases… Since taking this picture, I have acquired more books, so my cases are officially full.  Bookish problems right?  My husband has promised me that once we move into a bigger house, he will have wall-to-wall shelves installed in the office so I can have the library I’ve always dreamed of.  He has come to terms with my book hoarding ways 🙂

9.) When a book order FINALLY arrives


I become the World’s most impatient person once I submit a book order on Amazon… The sad thing is that I have Amazon Prime, and am guaranteed two-day shipping.  It’s just not quick enough for me… When I order books, I want them NOW! I will habitually check the  shipment status via the tracking number to check on where my books are. Things get even worse the day the package is scheduled to arrive.  Every UPS truck that passes the house gets my hopes up, only to crush a little piece of my soul if it is not the UPS truck with my shipment in it.  HOWEVER when that glorious moment comes and you see that delivery person walking up your driveway with your package, or come home to see that brown box sitting on your doorstep… it’s as if the heavens open up and perpetual light shines down upon it.

8.) Thrift store book shopping


I love going to my local Goodwill and picking up books.  There is nothing quite like scoring books on your TBR list in great condition for a fraction of the cost it is to buy them new.  Our local Goodwill sells paperback books for $0.99 and hardbacks for $1.99… you can’t beat that!  I’m actually on a thrift store book shopping hiatus until I can get my TBR list under control. Unfortunately,  I can’t control myself when I go to the thrift store…I ALWAYS leave with at least 15+ books… it has gotten out of hand.

7.) Goodreads


I have to really be careful when I log onto goodreads, if I’m not paying attention, I’ll spend hours looking for new books and adding book upon book to my out of control TBR list… One day while I was on goodreads, I lost track of time and almost forgot to pick up my son from school.  I doubt the school would have understood that I had been sucked into the vortex that is goodreads…

6.) When a long awaited book FINALLY comes out


Waiting on the next book in a series SUCKS.  Let’s be honest here.   The months and YEARS it can take for the next installment can feel like torture.  When the time FINALLY comes and you have a long awaited book in your hands, it is a marvelous feeling!

5.) Visiting the library


 There is something magical about a library… it is like a portal to a spine-tingling world.  See what I did there? Spine-tingling… I do love a good pun 🙂

4.) Writing a book review


 I love the feeling I get after writing a book review.  Putting my thoughts and feelings out there for anyone to read can be intimidating at times, but I also feel a sense of accomplishment and pride.

3.) Meet the author/book signing events

I have only been to one meet the author/book signing event, but it was an amazing experience!!! I got the opportunity to meet Christina Baker Kline, author of Orphan Trane.  You can read about it here → Orphan Train Meet the Author Event – Christina Baker Kline.

I also scored tickets to see Stephen King in June!  You can read all about the stress over these tickets here → Bookish Dreams Do Come True! Stephen King Book Tour.

I think I have opened a can or worms because I have started researching book conventions to attend next year… I have looked at the BookExpo America, which includes a Blogging Conference, which will be held in the end of  May 2017 in New York.  Along with BookExpo America, you can also attend BookCon, a separate event that is held during the same time and place as BookExpo America.  There is also the RT Convention that will take place in the beginning of May 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.  RT stands for Romantic Times.  I am leaning more towards BookExpo America since it seems to have more genre diversity, and I would LOVE to attend the blogging conference… maybe they could teach me what to do since I’ve just been winging it 🙂

If anyone has any insight to either of these conventions, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

2.) A beautiful book cover

Image [397956]

Be still my heart!  Book covers are works of art in and of themselves.  Book covers are what first grab our attention, and many times, compel us to pick up a book in the first place.  I love going through monthly new releases and selecting my favorite covers of the month.

Cover Love: Favorite Book Covers of February 2016

Cover Love: March 2016 New Releases

1.) Finishing a 5-star book


Do you ever reach the end of a brilliant book and have conflicted feelings?  On one hand, you are sad that it’s over, but on the other you feel pure joy in the mind-blowing awesomeness of the book.  Think back to how you felt after reading the last Harry Potter book… THAT feeling.  You just want to scream “Give this book all the stars!”

What are YOUR bookish delights?!  Share them with us!

Feel free to link to your own TTT post, I would love to read them!

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Delights”

  1. LOVE the list and visuals.
    * your bookcase is so beautiful!!! and ha – maybe the husbands can have a club of their own, “Husbands of Bookish Wives” or something. Mine is the same way – long resigned to the fact that boxes of books WILL just keep arriving 😉
    * Yes yes yes to GR, pretty book covers, Amazon package tracking.
    * And – I really need to get out of the house more. I’ve never been to an author event (!). Or anything other than the National Book Festival (an event on the Mall in DC in the early fall). You have just inspired a new resolution. Do you have a particular way you find events, or do you follow individual authors separately?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *More like a support group instead of a club lol
      * The events have been put on through our local B&N bookstore, so I follow their page and event calendars! I would think DC would be a bigger hot spot for authors over my little Ohio city! Checkout local bookstore event calendars and even your local library could be a great source for info on author events!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are my inspiration!!!! So I did exactly what you said, and I found out that Don DeLillo is coming to town next Tuesday (May 3- the day Zero K is scheduled to come out!!!) And he is doing a signing after the talk! I was going to pre-order that book but now I’m going to get it at the event. So excited! My first author event, and my first autographed book!!! OMG this is going to be the beginning of a very exciting new obsession… 🙂 THANK YOU!!!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. We don’t have as many Author events here as you guys do, I wish we did! I need to keep an eye out for the city bookstores and buy tickets to signings right away or they’ll be sold out quick and there few and far between!

    Great list and yay for wall to wall book shelves! Will look so good 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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