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Bookish Dreams Do Come True! Stephen King Book Tour


cover_1As some of you may remember, I have mentioned that Stephen King is coming to my hometown as part of his End of Watch Book Tour.  Since I live in Ohio, not  known for being a hot spot for author appearances, this is a HUGE deal!  This book tour is to promote the final installment of the Bill Hodges Trilogy, End of Watch.  Check out my review of the 1st installment, Mr. Mercedes → Book Review: Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King, and my review of the second installment, Finders Keepers → Book Review: Finders Keepers by Stephen King.

I had been checking the website EVERY DAY for WEEKS for any info about when tickets were goin to go on sale.  Finally, they posted last week that tickets were to go on sale April 13th at 10am.  Today was the day I had been waiting for so long!

I logged on to the venue website 30 minutes before tickets were to go on sale.  I wanted to be ready to rock and roll so when the clock hit 10am, I would just have to click the buy tickets link.  However, when I clicked on the event, instead of taking me to the page where I would wait until 10am, I was taken to a queue.  No where in ANY of the ticket info had it said that there would be a queue available to “wait in line.”  Had I know this, I obviously would have logged on earlier.  Once in the queue, I was given my number in line, #545.   My heart sank.  There was over 500 people ahead of me before I would even get the opportunity to log into the website. I knew only 1,100 seats were available, so my likelihood of getting tickets was slim to none.  I was heartbroken.

I immediately started calling the ticket office over and over to try and get through.  Maybe there was still hope!  I didn’t even get put on hold.  Just the busy signal over and over.  By the time 10am rolled around, I was 340ish in line for online tickets, and still couldn’t get through on the phones.  By 10:30am, I was down to the 200’s, and was about to give up.

Meanwhile, I had a friend who was also working on getting us tickets.  When she logged on at 9:45am, she was number 887 in line!  She was also trying to get through on the phone lines.  She never lost hope.  She did some quick research and discovered that the venue had an app available.  She quickly downloaded the app, and somehow scored some of the very last tickets!!!!  I could have kissed her!  She is legit my hero 🙂


Unfortunately, there are many people who did not get tickets.  Hundreds, if not thousands actually.  I read some posts on the Facebook event post that broke my heart.  Some people spent 2 hours in the queue, only to get down to double digit numbers in line when the event sold out.  My heart goes out to all those SK fans who worked so hard and still did not get tickets.  I would have been in the same boat had it not been for my quick witted friend!

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