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Book Blogger Recs: Bloggers to Follow for Thriller/Suspense/Crime Readers


Hello bookworms!

Today I would like to introduce to you all a new monthly feature here on Cover2CoverMom called “Book Blogger Recs”  ((super creative, I know))  BUT these are no ordinary recommendations my friends!  Each month I will feature book bloggers based on a particular theme.  Furthermore, this will not be a simple listing of blogs, but also a mini Q&A session so you can get to know the bloggers a little better before checking out their blogs for yourselves.  I can also personally guarantee that this post is packed full of great book recommendations by bloggers who really know their stuff!

Do I have any thriller/suspense/crime readers in the audience today?  If so, I have the PERFECT book blogger recs for you…

*Side note: I grouped thriller, suspense, and crime fictions genres together in this post as I feel many books cross over within these genres.

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