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Weekly Wrap-Up: 4/18 – 4/24/16

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Hello my bookish friends!  Did everyone have a good weekend?  My weekend was non-stop as per usual.  I don’t typically get into too much of my personal life on the blog, mostly because I don’t want to bore you all, but I thought I would share something exciting from my weekend before I go into my bookish updates.  My children’s school activities, sporting events, and social lives consume about 90% of my time, but every once in a while I get to go do something solely for myself.  Last night was one of those rare occurrences…

I am going to forewarn you, if you are not a country music fan, the following will most likely NOT interest you.  Feel free to skip over 🙂

Last night, I got to cross off seeing a country LEGEND off my bucket list…


Last night was a dream come true for me, I got to see Garth Brooks in concert.  I am still in shock over it… I grew up listening to this man’s music!  It was hands down the BEST concert I’ve ever attended, and I’ve attended a lot of concerts.  It was also probably the LONGEST concert I’ve ever attended; you definitely get your money’s worth.  I was exhausted by the end of it, so I can’t imagine how Garth was feeling.  The man is pure entertainment.  I can now officially say that I have seen Garth Brooks on stage 🙂

In case anyone was wondering, I have also seen a few other country greats like Alan Jackson and Reba McEntire.

Back to bookish business!  Here is what I had going on this week…

This week on the blog…

Monday 4/18

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Tuesday 4/19

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Wednesday 4/20

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Friday 4/22

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(Historical) Fiction Friday! Book Review: Sawbones by Melissa Lenhardt

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Currently reading…

51uYkzBn5RL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_Amazon // Goodreads

I am currently 60% through The Lie Tree.   I was a little apprehensive starting another YA book since I haven’t had much luck in the YA genre.  I was to the point where I was about to swear off the genre…  I was starting to worry if maybe I was too old for YA to appeal to me anymore.  Hopefully I don’t jinx myself, but if things keep going the way they are now, this book will restore my faith in the YA genre.   I’m loving it thus far!

51aU2aUYISL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_Amazon // Goodreads

I started this book via audiobook a few days ago, and am currently 50% through.  This cover though!  I’m not going to lie, I’m reading this one because the cover is so captivating.  This is one of those books where there are two story lines going on, one in the present, and one in the past.  I am enjoying the parts of the book that happen in the past, but am not impressed with what is going on with the story line taking place in present day.  Also, I’m not sure I like the narrator for the audiobook…

Recently finished reading…

51-CraQeweL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_Amazon // Goodreads

V.E. Schwab… I like your style.  Wow…enough said.  Review to come this week 🙂

On deck…

51naG-FeFpL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_Amazon // Goodreads

I CAN’T wait to start this book!  I thought I was going to be reading this by now, but I am a little behind schedule this month.  I hope to start this by Tuesday at the latest.

51mfSIqPwHL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Amazon // Goodreads

My first paper copy of a book sent to me by a publisher!  Not sure if I’ll get to it before May or not, but I am sure going to try 🙂

How was your week? What is on your bookish agenda for the coming week?

Happy reading 🙂

7 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up: 4/18 – 4/24/16”

  1. Very exciting about the Garth Brooks concert, I’m so glad you had a moment to enjoy yourself this weekend! I’m a closeted country-lover (ha, not the kind of thing you listen to driving in DC with your windows down!)… My mix tapes have always been very strange indeed – Tupac & Bone Thugs in harmony with Reba, Faith & Shania 😉 (Mason-Dixie fusion?) Can’t wait to read review of Schwab & also for you to start Shadow of the Wind!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha that’s awesome! I think Reba and Tupac would have gotten along just fine 😂. I would love to see Shania in concert!!!
      Thanks! I should be finishing The Lie Tree tonight, so hopefully by tomorrow… I’m so anxious about starting The Shadow of the Wind 😁 I’m preparing to have my mind blown 👍🏻


    1. He was on stage around 8:30pm and played until after 11… He kept doing encores, THEN he started playing requests from people holding up signs!!! He is a beast!
      Oh Taylor… I wish she had stayed in the country genre… I’m not a fan of her pop music, HOWEVER I adore her as a person and think she is a amazing role model for young girls everywhere!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my goodness you’re reading The Butterfly and the Violin!! Yaaay! That book was so different to so many war stories I’ve read before. Don’t you just hate it when you have a terrible narrator? I’m currently listening to The Diviners by Libba Bray and holy moley the narrative is amazing.

    ALSO. Enjoy the Shadow of the Wind eheheh that book is nuts. And congrats on receiving your first book from a publisher – I’ve actually had my eye on that book for a while so I’m interested to see what you think of it!


    1. Ugh it is. The narrators voice itself isn’t bad, she actually has a lovely voice and is even doing accents, but the way she reads is bothering me… She doesn’t pause at appropriate times… Does that make any sense? Haha

      Liked by 1 person

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