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August 2017 TBR


Hello bookworms!

If you remember back to my July TBR post, I took a little break from ARCs in July.  After a few ARC heavy months, I just needed a little break to read whatever I was in the mood to read.  It was delightful, BUT I am ready to start chipping away at my ARC stack again.  For August, I am planning on reading a few ARCs, but also squeeze in a few sequels from series I started last year.  I’m also super excited for my book club’s selection this month.

Let’s see what’s on the schedule for this month, shall we?

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July 2017 TBR


Hello bookworms!  To those of you who are fellow Americans, happy 4th of July!

For my July TBR, I’ve decided to take a break from ARCs & read a few books that have been getting lots of positive hype around the blogosphere.  Aside from one NetGalley book that was on my June TBR that I didn’t get to in June, I will not be reading any NetGalley ARCs this month.  For my sanity, I need a break.

Let’s see which books are on the agenda this month…

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June 2017 TBR


The summer months are going to be fairly busy for me since I will have my two small humans home every day during their summer vacation from school, so like I did in my May TBR (which I slayed by the way) I will be keeping June’s TBR short and sweet.   This way I know I will stick to the books I want to get read plus I’ll have some wiggle room for some mood reading.

Let’s see which books I definitely want to read this month…

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May 2017 TBR


As I mentioned in my April Wrap-Up, I did fairly well with my April TBR.  Out of the 8 books I planned on reading, I completed 6 and got about into 20% another.  Not too shabby in my opinion.

I decided that I am going to be taking things easy on the reading front in May.  Writing book reviews got put on the back burner for the past few months, so I am ridiculously behind.  It’s time to bite the bullet and sit down and knock some reviews out.  Therefore my TBR is going to be on the lighter side in terms of number of books & the size of the books I’m planning on reading.

Let’s see what I have on my TBR for May shall we?

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April 2017 TBR


Confession time: I didn’t do so well with my March TBR, BUT I have excuses good reasons.  I blame this on the fact that many of the library books I requested for my upcoming book festivals started coming in…  My hands were tied.   Not to mention that one of the SOKY book festival authors, Cinda Chima, canceled and will no longer be attending the festival, so I had to jump ship on the book I planned on reading (The Demon King) to make time for other reads… Nothing personal Cinda Chima, but if you can no longer come to the festival, your book gets put on hold.  These are all legit excuses right?  (The correct response is “right!”)

Anyways!  Since most of my April TBR will be books for my upcoming festivals, I think it’s a pretty safe bet that the majority of these books WILL get read.

Let’s see what’s on the agenda for April shall we?

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