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March 2018 TBR


I had a killer reading month in February, knocking out 15 books!!!  Not only that, but I stuck with my February TBR for the most part and read 6 out of 7 books.  I’d call that a success 🙂  I’ve been good about sticking to my monthly TBR lists thus far in 2018, so here’s hoping I can keep up the momentum in March.

Let’s see what I am planning on reading this month…

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February 2018 TBR


Since I managed to read every book on my January TBR last month, I hope to keep the momentum going in February.  It never fails though, I start out strong sticking to my monthly TBRs in the beginning of the year, but I tend to stray as the year progresses.

Let’s see which books are on the TBR for February…

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Monthly TBRs

January 2018 TBR


Hello bookworms!

December was a smaller reading month for me, which I attribute to our move & the craziness of the holiday season.  I still managed to read 6 books, but I typically read around 10.  Now that my life is finally settling down, I am back to the grind of reading & reviewing, continuing on my journey to the coveted 80% feedback ratio on NetGalley.

Let’s see what I have on the TBR for January…

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October 2017 TBR


Well, I failed my September TBR by only reading 3 out of 7 books… Does it count that I am finishing up the 4th and am adding the 5th back on October’s TBR? No?  Didn’t think so… Let’s hope I fare better in the month of October.

Let’s see what I am planning on reading this month, shall we?

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September 2017 TBR


Despite having a good reading month in August (9 books read) while on my hiatus, I only read 4 out of 7 books on my August TBR.  Basically I didn’t get to the ARCs I was planning on, so they will be back on for September’ s TBR.  I also have some book events coming up at the end of September and a book festival in October, so a few of those books are on the schedule for this month.

Let’s see what I’m planning on reading this month, shall we?

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