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Blog Tag: Real Neat Blog Award

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Shout out to Sammie @Bookshelves & Biros for tagging me in the Real Neat Blog Award!  Make sure to head over and check out her post here →  Sammie’s Real Neat Blog Award .


The Rules:

» Thank and link the blogger that nominated you.

» Answer the 7 questions that the nomination has provided you.

» Create 7 questions for your nominees.

» Nominate 7 other bloggers.


Sammie’s Questions:

» If you could have any food right here, right now, what would it be?

My Mom makes an incredible carrot cake.  It’s not like that crap carrot cake you have tried from the stores, it’s legit.  It is a family recipe and no one can make it quite like her.  She makes it once a year on my Dad’s birthday/Father’s Day celebration… That’s right, I get some this weekend 🙂

» What did you want to be when you grew up?

Apparently when I was in the 1st grade, I wanted to be a school bus driver.  Ambitious right?  Then there was a period where I wanted to be a meteorologist… who knows why.  My degree is in Criminal Justice because I wanted to either work for the Prosecutor’s office or work in Juvenile Probation.  This is still an area I would love to someday get into, but for now I am enjoying my time home with my children.

» You get to go on a week-long clubbing holiday with three book characters – there will be sunburn, cocktails and bad dancing. Who would you choose and why?

This is the best question ever.  I would take Lou Clark from Me Before You, Lila Bard from A Darker Shade of Magic, and Holly from Mr. Mercedes (Bill Hodges Trilogy).  Why you ask?  I feel like Lou would be the fun one, Lila would be the sassy one, and Holly would be the eccentric one.  I like a little variety…plus I think they would all be highly amusing.

» What’s your favorite fairy tale?

Beauty and the Beast.  Mostly because the Disney adaptation is awesome.

» Describe your ideal reading spot. It doesn’t have to be a real place!

My ideal reading spot would be in my future home library.  I’m talking floor to ceiling shelves full of books, a massive fireplace, huge windows that let in lots of natural light, and a crazy oversized couch with tons of pillows and blankets….Throw in a Keurig and I’m a happy camper!

» Would you rather fight ten guinea pig sized Voldemorts, or one Voldemort sized guinea pig?

I lied.  This is the best question ever! I am going to go with the Voldemort sized guinea pig assuming it doesn’t have magic abilities whereas the tiny guinea pig sized Voldemorts would?  Logical right?

» What’s the worst book you’ve read in the last month and why?

This is hard.  In the last month I haven’t read any BAD books per se… I was disappointed with Hanging Mary by Susan Higginbotham.  It was just ok for me.  It had the potential to be so much more!!! You can read my review here → Book Review: Hanging Mary by Susan Higginbotham

As per usual, I tag… YOU!  Use the questions listed above since Sammie’s were brilliant 🙂

8 thoughts on “Blog Tag: Real Neat Blog Award”

  1. Yay! Two things:

    1) I am SO down for that awesome sounding carrot cake
    2) Lou is the best choice ever for a clubbing holiday! She would be the most fun ever! Especially if she wore the bumblebee tights.

    Love all of your answers, as always! Im glad you enjoyed the questions. 😊 x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello!!! I am so sorry I am just now replying! For some reason your comment went to my spam folder! I feel like such a jerk 😦 This comment literally made my day. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. I appreciate it more than you probably realize!!!


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