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Blog Award: The Versatile Blogger Award

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Hello again!  I’m back with another tag today… I have been trying to play catch up on all the tags I was nominated since before my vacation.  Blogger problems right?

Huge thank you to the lovely Casey@adoptabookaus for tagging me in this award!  You can check out her post here → adoptabookaus Versatile Blogger Award

The Rules:

» Rule 1: Show award on your blog

» Rule 2: Thank the person who that has nominated you

» Rule 3: Share seven interesting facts about yourself

» Rule 4: Nominate 15 blogs of your choice

» Rule 5: Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination

7 interesting facts about me:

» I am a big time extrovert.  I have always been very comfortable around people and never have had issues being in the spot light.

» I am an Aries.  Not that I believe in the whole horoscope thing, but coincidently the personality characteristics of an Aries fit my personality to a tee.  I am definitely a “strong personality” and am 100% a control freak.

» I completed a sprint triathlon last year.  Technically it turned into a duathlon because the river was too high the day of the race to do the canoe portion, but my medal says TRIATHLON so that’s what I’m going with.

» When I am nervous, I talk non-stop… I am a talkative person in general but if I don’t shut up, you know I’m nervous or anxious about something.

» I played varsity tennis in High School.  I played doubles with my childhood friend, and we were an awesome team.

» I married my polar opposite.  No seriously.  I am extroverted, he is introverted.  I am high strung, he is laid back.  I am loud, he is quiet.  I read books, he watches TV.  You may be wondering how this works…. it just does.  We balance each other out.

» I am lactose AND soy intolerant.  That’s right, if it tastes good (i.e. cheese, yogurt, ice cream, etc) it makes me sick.

I nominate… ALL THE BLOGS!!!  If you fancy talking about yourself, give this tag a go!

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