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December 2016 TBR


It’s crunch time people.  It’s December, and that means you only have one month left to read as many books as possible and finish out 2016 strong!  Are you going to hit your Goodreads challenge?  In January, I set my Goodreads challenge to read 60 books in 2016.  I am happy to report that as of today, I’ve read a total of 75 books this year!

After I finish up a few books left over from my NetGalley November TBR, I will be reading a few books that I’ve been meaning to get around to for a long time.  Without further adieu, I give you my December TBR…

December TBR:

» Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult

*NetGalley November

» And I Darken by Kiersten White

*NetGalley November

» Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

*Here you go Kirsty (@Kirsty and the Cat Read)

» A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab

» Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

» The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Which books are you planning to read in December?

Have you read any of the books on my TBR? What did you think?

Happy Reading 🙂

46 thoughts on “December 2016 TBR”

  1. I usually do 52 books on my Goodreads challenge–one for each week. However, this year I picked 70 for some reason and am at 67. I wonder if I’ll make it. December isn’t a big reading year for me thanks to finals and grading and travel.

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  2. I still have to read Small Great Things and And I Darken myself, but I read the other titles and they were all great reads! I hope you will enjoy them. 🙂


  3. You have an OUTSTANDING TBR for December. Omigosh, what an amazing reading month you’re going to have!!! Night Circus is one-of-a-kind. AGOS, which was almost as good as ADSOM–wait, how did you like ADSOM–I’m guessing you liked it because you’re reading the next book. XD Six of Crows and As I Darken are both very well-written. I’m probably the only person in the English-speaking world who hasn’t read anything by Jodi Picoult but I bet this book is another winner. I’m so excited for your upcoming TBR!!!

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  4. Such an amazing TBR!! You have 3 of my favorite books on there and I hope you love them as much as I did! In case you were wondering, I was talking about Homegoing, Six of Crows and ADSOM 😛
    And I Darken as well as The Night Circus are high up there in my priority TBR, I’m probably getting to them in the beginning of next year.
    I hope you have an awesome month!

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  5. It looks like you have some very promising books in store for December. I would like to make my way to The Night Circus. I am reading The Cosmopolitans, The Inkblots, The Year of the Flood, and Ruthless… maybe. I tend to get sidetracked with my TBR and start hopping around. Happy reading.

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  6. This looks like an awesome TBR! I’m trying not to plan too much for my Dec. I’m currently reading Aerie (sequel to Magonia) which is going alright but wow it’s strange. Then I’m hoping to read Unbroken (Laura Hillenbrand), In the Heart of the Sea (Nathaniel Philbrick) and Crooked Kingdom. I’d love to get to A Clash of Kings (GoT) but I’m going to see how I go with those three books and maybe try and finish some of the ones I’ve had on the go for ages first!

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      1. Not at all, I do the same things! I haven’t even put together what I want to read this month but I just started a book called Full Tilt by Emma Scott and it’s consuming me! I’ve been reading it all day.

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  7. I loved A Gathering of Shadows and The Night Circus!! I didn’t enjoy And I Darken very much. It was just too political and there was zero fantasy really. But I’ve heard lots of people say they loved it. So hopefully you will too! I really need to knock out some NetGalley books this month, so I’ll probably be catching up on those before I get even further behind than I already am.

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      1. Yeah it’s considered Historical Fiction and I usually enjoy HF, but it wasn’t for me. I’ve got a review for it on my blog, if you wanna check it out. 😉

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  8. Your TBR sounds magical!! Can’t wait to hear yout thoughts on Night Circus – too many controvertial reviews online for my tastes… I need a close opinion before buying it!! >.< Also, I haven't had the chance to read any of those books, so we are together on this adventure, Amanda ❤

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  9. You’re going to have such an amazing month with these reads! Six of Crows, The Nigh Circus and A Gathering of Shadows are all huge faves of mine 🙂 I also enjoyed And I Darken but there were a few little things that annoyed me about the characters, I love the setting and history though 🙂 The only one I haven’t read on here is Homegoing so I’ll have to check it out! 😀 Happy reading

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  10. This is a great list– everything I have already read, or they are on the top 10% of my TBR. As we have discussed I LoveLoveLooooovvveeee The Night Circus! I can’t wait to see what you think about this book. I will be reading A Gathering of Shadows in January to prepare for the final book’s release in February. I cannot wait.


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