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Hello!  I am back (yet again) with another tag today!  The end is in sight, I will soon be caught up with all these tags!!! Big thanks to the amazing Michelle @The Bibliophile Struggle for tagging me in this survey!  Make sure to check out her blog and her post here → Michelle’s Four Facts Survey Tag


» Answer the questions

» Nominate 4  people to answer the same questions

The Questions:

» Four names People Call Me Other Than My Real Name:





» Four Jobs I’ve Had:



Customer Service Rep

Accounting Assistant

» Four Movies I’ve Watched More Than Once:

Pride and Prejudice

The Notebook

A Christmas Story – My Dad is obsessed and makes us watch this EVERY Christmas together

Every Disney movie ever made…

» Four Authors I’d Recommend:

*This really depends on who I am doing the recommending to… I’m going to take this question as someone who doesn’t read much or is a new reader.

Kate Morton

Stephen King

Nora Roberts

Jodi Picoult

» Four Places I’ve Lived:

Ohio.  The end.

» Four Places I’ve Visited:


Dominican Republic



» Four Things I’d Rather Be Doing Now:


Taking a nap

Laying out at the pool


» Four Foods I Prefer Not to Eat:




Hot dogs

» Four Favorite Foods:





» Four TV Shows I Love:

Walking Dead

Gilmore Girls


So You Think You Can Dance

» Four Things I’m Looking Forward to This Year:

Annual family vacation to Lake Erie for July 4th

My brother coming home from deployment in South Korea

My daughter being potty trained

My children’s annual Halloween Birthday Bash (their birthdays are the 18th & 23rd of October)

» Four Things I’m Always Saying:


“What the f****?!”


“What is wrong with you?”

» Four People I Nominate:

*For once, I am actually going to nominate people!  I am going to nominate four lovely ladies.  If you don’t already follow their blogs, you are really missing out!  Go ahead and check out their sites, you will thank me later.

Kirstie @Upside-Down Books

Ioana @booksreenchanted

Jess @The Mud and Stars

Annelise @The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange

(Disregard if you have already participated in this one or don’t want to do it)

15 thoughts on “Blog Tag: Four Facts Survey”

  1. Hi!!! This is such a wonderful tag, I love it! And thank you so much for nominating me though once again something is really wrong with WP – I may need to reboot and delete cookies or SOMETHING because i definitely only saw my name because I read this post and not because WP notified me like it’s supposed to. What the heck?

    Yay for The Notebook and Disney movies, So You Think You Can Dance, all your favorite foods (though I do also like flan, still my excuse is it’s a very homey-Romanian thing to make). And congratulations and happy travels- so many exciting events coming up! So happy for your Lake Eerie trip and for your brother returning, and also for the Halloween Bash though I’m guessing that’s definitely going to be a lot of work, as is potty training? Cheers to a fabulous second half of 2016 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think WP is trying to jeopardize our friendship!!! It keeps unfollowing your blog!!! Obviously I’m just going to have to follow you everyday if that’s what it takes. WP is being a jealous bitch 😜

      Thank you! Yes lots of excitement! Potty training is going to be the death of me. My daughter is ridiculously stubborn… Must get it from her father 😏

      Liked by 1 person

  2. lol This was so fun! I absolutely hate mushrooms, bleh. But I do love watermelon & avocados, too! I’m just like your dad when it comes to The Christmas Story — I force my family to watch it atleast once every year, too haha.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for the tag!! 🙂 So sorry I just realised I totally missed this one! I have been so patchy with blogging recently! Great answers, it was nice to learn more about you 🙂 I love The Notebook, and Kate Morton’s books too! I think I’ve read all of them apart from The Secret Keeper, which I bought recently and am planning to read next!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries! I know you have been going through a rough patch recently! I think WP has been having some issues… It hasn’t been notifying me when it should and it will randomly unfollow some of the blogs I follow… Super annoying!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks, I appreciate that 🙂 I have, it sounds silly but even replying to comments and text messages seems difficult at the moment! I’ve actually been off work with anxiety for a few weeks. I’m slowly starting to feel better and I’ve been doing some writing so I’m hoping to be more regular on here again soon and catch up with everyone else’s posts too! Ohh that’s so annoying, WP can have a real mind of its own sometimes! My notifications are really hit and miss. Sometimes I only see that I’ve been tagged in things when I look at people’s posts myself. Silly WP!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you! 🙂 You’re completely right. I guess it just sends me into further panic that I’m behind with it all! Which is silly, because as you said, my blog will still be there waiting for me 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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