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Bookish Goals for 2019

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I am one of those people that thrive when I set goals for myself.   The end of 2017/beginning of 2018 was a bit crazy for me, so I didn’t really sit down and set myself goals for 2018.  I really missed working towards goals & checking things off my list in 2018, so I am back setting myself some bookish goals in 2019…


» Goal #1: Read 100 books

After reading 120 books in 2017, I decided to back off my reading a bit in 2018 to make more time for blogging.   I ended up reading 109 books in 2018, which I was more than happy with.  I decided to set my reading goal to 100 books again for 2019 for the same reasons.

» Goal #2: Reach 80% feedback ratio on NetGalley = 15 backlist ARCs

Guys, I promise it’s going to happen this year!  I’m actually going to shoot to get this one done towards the half way point of the year.  To achieve this, I’ll need to read 2-3 backlist ARCs a month until June.  This is totally doable.  Once I reach the 80% feedback ratio, I will only allow myself to request those books that I am highly anticipating.  I will never dig myself a hole like I did in 2016.

» Goal #3: Read 30 physical TBR books (purchased before 2019)

My physical TBR has gotten WAY out of control.  I blame my discovery of Book Outlet in 2018… well okay, it was out of control BEFORE I discovered Book Outlet, but now it is an even bigger problem.   To read 30 books off my physical TBR, all I need to do is read 2-3 books a month off my shelves.

» Goal #4: Stop buying new books

Yes, that’s right.  I need to place myself on a dreaded book buying ban.  This is necessary for a few different reasons.  For one, there are far to many unread books sitting on my shelves.  Secondly, I spent WAY too much money on books this past year.   I am hoping by NOT buying new books, I can focus this year on knocking out my physical TBR.  I will be utilizing my local library to supply me with my new release needs, even if this does mean I’ll have to wait to read them.   There will be exceptions to this book buying ban of course.  I will not be counting any books purchased at book events where I need to purchase a book for the author to sign or special occasions like my birthday or Christmas.

*My name is Amanda, and I haven’t bought a new book since 2018!

»  Goal #5: Complete a book inventory spreadsheet

I’ve actually already starting working on this goal.  I created a new tab on my reading spreadsheet to keep track of the books I actually own.   Does anyone else struggle remembering which books they own?  True story, I’ve bought the same book twice… on a few different occasions.  This is why I need an inventory list.  This inventory list will also give me a total number of books on my shelves that are unread.

» Goal #6: Write mini reviews for all the books I read in 2019

I want to do away with listing a few of my thoughts and feelings in my weekly wrap-up posts, and start writing mini reviews for most of the books I read.   My goal is to work on these mini reviews as I finish books, then post a batch or two each month.

» Goal #7: Post at least TWO creative blog posts per month

I guess “creative posts” is a subjective phrase… I just mean posts other than wrap-ups, reviews, TBRs, etc.  I have so many ideas sitting in my drafts, I just need to make the time to sit down and write them.

» Goal #8: Start backing up my blog posts & backup my past blog posts

After watching my friend Jackie @Death by Tsundoku lose all of her blog content this past year, it opened my eyes to the fact that if it happened to her, it could easily happen to me.  I need to make it a blogging habit to include copying my blog posts to my Google drive as I go.  Going back and backing up all my old posts is going to take time, BUT would give me peace of mind knowing that my content is safe.

» Goal #9: Start taking notes while reading for review purposes

I used to religiously take notes while reading.  This made reviewing much easier, but I found that it slowed my reading way down.  This is probably because I took an insane amount of notes that were not necessary.  Somewhere along the way, I stopped taking notes while reading.  When it comes time to write my review, I struggle to remember what I wanted to mention in the review.  This causes me to put reviews off for weeks, sometimes months.  This is NOT the way to write book reviews.  Learn from my mistakes!  I am making it a goal to go back to writing notes while reading, but not to the point where it slows my reading down.  I just need to jot things down as I go, and not over complicate my notes.


» Goal #10: Read a few of the “long” books I’ve been putting off

It’s no secret that “long” books intimidate me to the point of putting them off.  If the book has over 600 pages, there is a slim chance I will give it a go.  The sad thing is that I never used to be this way.  Back in 2009, I read the first 8 books in the Outlander series back to back and didn’t bat an eye.  I blame the obsession in the bookish community to read as many books as possible every year.  Instead of being more concerned with the quality of books, we obsess over the quantity of books we read every year.   I have gotten to the point where I will look at a book over 600 pages and think to myself “I could read TWO books in the time I read this one book.”  This makes me sad.  I could be missing out on so many wonderful books & series simply because they are longer than the typical books I read.

Here are a few books I’ve been putting off that I want to read in 2019…

»American Gods by Neil Gaiman – 635 pages

»11/22/63 by Stephen King – 849 pages

»The Wise Man’s Fear (The Kingkiller Chronicles #2) by Patrick Rothfuss – 994 pages



What are some of your reading goals for 2019?

If you blog, what are some of your blogging goals?

Comment below & let me know 🙂

20 thoughts on “Bookish Goals for 2019”

  1. These are great goals! I still have 6 books on my netgalley list I need to read and that feels like a lot! I use librarything to track my books and I love it. They have an app now too so it’s convenient. I’ve made all sorts of categories but it’s how I track my unread books. I like it a lot better than goodreads because it’s more about tracking your library and less about the social aspect (though they do have message boards).

    I’m not very good at keeping notes for review books. I prefer to just read lol. But then sometimes I find myself with nothing to say.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve seen you talk about Librarything before! I’ve actually made my own spreadsheet for reading tracking, ARC tracking, my book inventory, series tracking, etc. I’ve got all my tracking in one place now!
      Yes, note taking while reading is a drag, BUT it is making reviewing much easier for me.


  2. Libraries are the answer for your book buying ban. People are surprised that I don’t buy many of the books I read, because I almost exclusively read books I get at my library. That I work at a library is a big help! 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I use google calendar & google sheets for all my tracking needs 🙂 I used to utilize a planner, but I found that I would stop using it half way through the year. I do much better with tracking if I can access it through my phone & computer 🙂

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  3. Awesome goals. I totally hear you about big books. I too think of the other shorter books I could complete in the meantime. And I totally blame Goodreads and blogging! Before those two things, I read what I wanted to and it didn’t matter how many books I read in a year or how long it took me to complete them.

    I’m reading The Count of Monte Cristo right now and it’s over 1400 pages! I finally decide that I had to break it down into about 100 pages a week. That way I can read other things at the same time, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out. Maybe you could break down some of your big books the same way?

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  4. Wonderful goals! I’m going to try and read The Wise Man’s Fear as well this year; I’ve been meaning to for years but between ARCs and other books I wanted to read I somehow never have been able to commit to its size. Good luck with your goals!

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  5. I have so many comments!! So, I’ll number them to match your goal numbers:

    1. Do you review all 100? That’s two books per week plus all the other posts you do. It’s hard to keep up as a reader and blogger!

    2. No comment

    3. I created a reading plan last year that helped me read my own books. I put my 2018 TBR on one shelf. Watching them disappear was SO SATISFYING.

    4. Ok, I’ve bought 30 books so far in 2019, so… comment.

    5. The spreadsheet is so helpful. I have author by last name, title, date procured, and whether it’s read. Took me a whole weekend to do this. #WorthIt

    6. This ties in to my question in #1

    7. I love your bookish creative how-to posts!

    8. Do you also put your reviews on Goodreads? Then they’re backed up!

    9. I’ve been taking fewer notes, too…

    10. Yes! Big books! I like when reviewers do reading diaries every 200 pages or so. It feels like I’m reading the book, too! One book becomes several posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t typically review all the books I read, however I am going to attempt mini reviews this year!

      I actually pulled about 30 books off my shelves and put them on a TBR cart in my bedroom! I am really excited to watch the books become less and less

      Bahahaha so far I’ve purchased 0 books in 2019!!! Even though I am having a really hard time waiting for a few books to come in at my library lol

      Yes, I put my reviews on goodreads! so yes, at least my reviews are backed up. Didn’t really think about that 🙂


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