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Bookish Goals for 2019

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I am one of those people that thrive when I set goals for myself.   The end of 2017/beginning of 2018 was a bit crazy for me, so I didn’t really sit down and set myself goals for 2018.  I really missed working towards goals & checking things off my list in 2018, so I am back setting myself some bookish goals in 2019…

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Bookish Babble: Setting Goals for 2017


Do you set goals for yourself at the start of each year?

I find that setting goals at the beginning of every year helps to keep me motivated throughout the year.  I am so big into making goals, that I not only make yearly (“long term goals”), but also monthly (“short term”) goals.  That’s right, I love goals!


In this post I am going to give some helpful hints for setting your bookish goals for 2017, and also share my own goals for 2017.

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