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5 Reasons Why You Should Read Anne of Green Gables + My AoGG Aesthetic #AnneReadAlong2017


You may find in hard to believe, but I read the beloved classic Anne of Green Gables for this first time this month as part of the Anne of Green Gables Read Along hosted by Jane @Greenish Bookshelf & Jackie @Death By Tsundoku.


Now, I don’t typically do traditional reviews for the classics.  Why?  Because nothing I would be able to write would do them the justice they deserve.  Therefore, in lieu of a traditional review, I am going to give you a few reasons why you should read Anne of Green Gables (if you haven’t already) and share an aesthetic I put together that I feel represents the “essence” of the book.


• 5 Reasons Why You Should Read Anne of Green Gables •

» Its a “feel good story”

You know those books that are heartwarming and just make you feel good inside?  Anne of Green Gables is one of those books.  If you enjoyed “feel good classics” like Little Women & Heidi then I would highly recommend this book to you!  Anne of Green Gables has wonderful themes throughout like friendship, the power of imagination, growing up, forgiveness, nontraditional families, hard work pays off, learning from your mistakes, and living life to it’s fullest.


» You will be transported to Green Gables

The descriptions of Avonlea & Green Gables are so lush and vivid, you will fall in love with the setting.  I’ve never had Canada on my radar to visit (no offense to my Canadian friends) but now L.M. Montgomery has put Prince Edward Island (P.E.I) on my bucket list of places to visit one day!

» It’s an underdog story

Anne is an orphan that has had a rough go of it.  Ever since her parents died when she was an infant.  She’s been shifted from different “foster homes” before finally winding up in an asylum.  Who wouldn’t root for Anne to find her forever home?  You will feel personally invested in the outcome of her journey.


» Budding romance?

I am typically not a fan of the “hate to love trope,” but this would be one of the few instances where it works.  Actually, I’ve never wanted it to happen as much as I want it to with Anne & Gilbert.  With his boyish good looks, intelligence and charm, I have a feeling that Gilbert was used to having the affections of every young girl in Avonlea.  That was until Anne came to town.  Little did he know the rivalry it would create when he pulled on Anne’s braid and called her “carrots.”  Poor Gilbert spends the majority of the book trying to get back into Anne’s good graces to no avail.  I loved their competitiveness with each other.  I won’t spoil anything, but Gilbert does something for Anne towards the end of the book that melted my heart.  I cannot wait to see if their new found friendship will ever develop into something more.


» You will fall in love with Anne (with an “e”)

I dare you to read AoGG and NOT fall in love with Anne (with an “e”).  I loved everything about her: her inquisitiveness, her imaginations, her heart of gold, and her passion for life.  I could go on and on.  Anne is not perfect though, she has many flaws, which just made her feel that much more real.


• My Anne of Green Gables Aesthetic •


*I take no credit for taking any of these pictures, only arranging them into a collogue to create this aesthetic.


Have you read Anne of Green Gables?

Why do you think people should read this beloved classic?

Do you agree or disagree with my aesthetic?

Comment below and let me know 🙂


38 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Read Anne of Green Gables + My AoGG Aesthetic #AnneReadAlong2017”

    1. So in the book it is definitely a friendship vibe with the slight hint of something more? I feel like it is one of those situations where they are both crazy about each other, but they don’t realize they are romantic feelings yet… I’m pretty sure I remember you read the whole series, but I could only read your review for the first book bc i didn’t want to get spoiled for the series bc I was planning on reading it one day. I’ll go check out your review for the first book!

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with your reasons to read Anne! Even having read it several times, I am always cheering for her and always fall in love with the beautiful Avonlea countryside. And is there a boy you route for more than Gilbert in literature? (the only one I can think of is possibly Laurie in Little Women). I love the way his relationship with Anne changes over the novel (and series!). Thanks so much for participating with us!

    Also, I am obsessed with your book cover. Seriously, I am coveting that entire set 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ahhhhh Laurie! It still kills me how that all ended up. Obviously I can’t say because ::spoilers:: but I did not like who he needed up with… one of my biggest heartbreaks in all literature 😭

      Thanks for having me! Happy to be a part of it ❤️

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  2. Ok you’ve convinced me, I really have to make time to pick up this classic! I still don’t know why I have never done so before in the first place…

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  3. This was a much needed post for me seeing as I was recently given a copy of Anne of Green Gables the end of last year. I haven’t heard a bad thing about this classic (or the series as a whole) yet but I haven’t picked it up for some unknown reason. Reading your reasons why this deserves to be read has encouraged me to not delay this any longer though; I’m going to add it to my summer TBR pile. ^.^


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  4. [Haha. This post just makes me giggle thinking about my scheduled post for Monday. I’ll just leave that comment here and let you wonder what I mean…. 😉 ]

    I love this list, Amanda! You’re right about being completely transported. The image of Green Gables in my head was never really solid, but the aesthetic certainly was. I got lost in fields and forests, flowers and country lanes. Montgomery’s description isn’t particularly detailed but her prose easily depicts the setting and mood in such a way that *poof* I’m suddenly on PEI adventuring with Anne.

    I appreciate how you title the section about Gil as “Budding Romance?” It’s never clear if he and Anne will get together throughout this book, or even as the book ends, but it’s a wonderful story about how we can all grow and change. It gives me hope for some of the relationships I’ve regrettably ruined.

    Amazing post. I am so glad you joined us! Would you feel comfortable with me also linking to your post in my Anne review? 🙂

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    1. Ooooo I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us on Monday!

      You can absolutely link this post on your review! I would appreciate it very much!

      So I’m pretty sure I know what ends up happening with Anne and Gilbert (there are all kinds of memes of them on the internet lol) but I had to keep in mind what we were given in the book lol

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      1. I mean, it’s a bit obvious where they will end up. But I like considering the idea that originally AoGG was intended as a stand-alone where we never get to find out whether they fall in love or not. 😉


  5. First of all, that aesthetic is stunning! I think I have expressed enough of my enthusiasm for Anne and you beginning this series 🙂 I love how you chose to tackle this. I think exploring Green Gables and Anne being the “underdog” are probably my favorite aspects of the series, but it truly is impossible not to fall in love with Anne with an “e” ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh I think you could 🙂 But Anne is so classic that it is hard to fairly approach. I am always intimidated when I try to review a classic… the pressure haha ❤ I enjoyed this so much.


  6. Love love love Anne of Green Gables! this is one of the books that ignited my passion for reading. You’ve got me thinking it’s time for a re-read & those editions are my fave! so vibrant in color. Glad you enjoyed Anne & Gilbert <3! 😉


  7. That’s a good point, I also dislike giving traditional reviews to classics. It’s all been done anyway.
    I finally finished my review of Anne and posted it last week! Now I’m starting Anne of Avonlea, but I could be liking it better. Somehow it’s not the same…
    Oh my, and you’re right. I’m also not a fan of enemies to lovers, but this one totally works 😀 maybe it’s because Gilbert never thought of Anne as an enemy, not really?
    And I like your aesthetic! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Anne of Avolea was definitely not the same. It was enjoyable, but didn’t have the same “spark” of the first book. I’m actually on book 3 now and am enjoying it better than AoA.

      I think the reason the enemy to lover trope works here because it is all so childish (on Anne’s part) and innocent… Kids being kids you know?

      Thank you! I am fond of it myself 🙂


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