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Weekly Wrap-Up: 5/8 – 5/14/17


Happy Sunday bookworms!

And Happy Mother’s Day to all those celebrating here in the U.S.  I will be spending the day with my family, then tonight I will be off to enjoy my Mother’s Day present, which happens to be concert tickets to see Red Hot Chili Peppers tonight in Columbus!  Sounds like the perfect Mother’s Day to me 🙂

This week was a little less productive than I wanted due to the fact that I caught a nasty stomach bug and was down for the count for 3 days.  I did get a decent amount of reading done, but I didn’t get as much done on my backlist of book reviews to write than I was planning on.  Must. Write. Book. Reviews. #TheStruggleIsReal

Let’s see what I did get done this week, shall we?

*Weekly Wrap-Up is a weekly post where I feature what posts were published on the blog for the past week, any bookish/blog happenings, what I recently finished reading, what I am currently reading, what I will be reading next, noteworthy posts around the bookish blogosphere, and any interesting bookish articles I came across.



Tuesday 5/9


Book Review: love, and you by Gretchen Gomez #Poetry

Wednesday 5/10


Book Event: SOKY Book Festival (2017) + Book Haul + #GIVEAWAY

*Giveaway ends 5/19 @ 11:59pm EST*



» In case you missed it, I am hosting TWO giveaways on my blog!   What am I giving away?

Why yes that is a SIGNED Goosebumps book…

Well for one, I’m giving away this signed copy of Welcome to Dead House by R.L. Stine.

Giveaway ends on 5/19 @ 11:59pm EST.  You can read all the details and enter here → Book Event: SOKY Book Festival (2017) + Book Haul + #GIVEAWAY



*Book titles link to Goodreads

Recently finished reading:

» The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel


5-Star Rating System

Like many other readers have said, this book is not going to be for everyone.  I would caution people who are easily scandalized against this one.  The topic isn’t gory or gruesome, but it is disturbing.  It is revealed very early in the book (by page 32 I think?) so at least you will know early on if you can handle the subject matter or not.  I will say that the author doesn’t get too graphic with it, so it wasn’t too hard to stomach.

Full review to come.

» Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston


I’m still trying to work my feeling out about this one.  Without a doubt, this book is beautifully written.  The audiobook is narrated by Ruby Dee, whose narration made the characters come to life.  While I enjoyed the storyline, I often felt my mind wandering while I was listening, which is a tell tale sign to me that the writing was a little dense for my liking.  Also, there was one point in this book where the story shifts focus from Janie, and instead moves to her husband Joe, which I didn’t care for.  It felt as if Janie disappeared from the story for a bit.  This isn’t to say that I wouldn’t recommend this book, nor that I didn’t enjoy it, I just had a few issues with it.

» The House by the Lake by Ella Carey


5-Star Rating System

This book did not work for me, which is a shame because the concept and storyline COULD have made for a great read.  This is one of those books that alternates between past and present, where the characters in the present storyline are trying to figure out the mystery of the past.   The romance in this book, in both past and present, was flat and unbelievable.  But most of all, the climax was rushed and didn’t evoke the feelings it should have.

Full review to come.

Currently reading:

» Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery


I am reading this for Jane @Greenish Bookshelf’s Anne of Green Gables Read Along and am about 40% through.

» Gone to Drift by Diana McCaulay


On deck:

» The History Major by Michael Phillip Cash




» Summer @Xingsings shares tips for more blog traffic → Summer Says: How to Gain More Blog Traffic

Screenshot 2017-05-13 17.16.17.png

» Margot @Project Lectito makes a HUGE announcement → My YA novel, NEVERLAND, is Being Published by Penguin Random House Australia!

Screenshot 2017-05-13 18.02.38.png


» Books Like The Hobbit: 12 Epic Fantasies Worth Reading


What are you currently reading?

What will you read next?

Have a wonderful week, and happy reading:)

18 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up: 5/8 – 5/14/17”

  1. Still thrilled that you are reading Anne of Green Gables. I just read that Netflix is releasing an original on the series. Although it mentioned being darker, so admittedly I am cautious but curious. I am sure curiosity will win.

    Enjoy the Chili Peppers! I have never seen them live. Tons of fun I hope 🙂 Happy Mom Day ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I JUST heard Netflix redoing Anne! But I’ve also heard it is sort of controversial… not I’m very intrigued lol Red Hot Chili Peppers put on a great show! I was surprised how much Anthony & Flea were jumping around still. They’ve been doing this for like 35 years!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, yes they have been at for some time now. Do they sound good live?

        I will check out Anne just because 😉 It looks like it is already on Netflix. I threw it into the queue. We will see.

        So glad you enjoyed the show ❤


  2. Thanks for the shoutout, Amanda! 🙂 And a very happy Mother’s Day for yesterday (or maybe it’s still today over there?) Sorry to hear you’ve been sick. It always happens right when you have a big to-do list, right? xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. 1st of all….Red Hot Chili Peppers?!?!? YESSSSSS! OMYGOSH! LOVE THEM! I used to be a bit obsessed with them smh lol, I hope you had an amazing time Amanda! & I’ma lso very glad that you are feeling well as I know too well how that sucky stomach bug feels.Seems like we may have had similar feelings about Roanoke Girls, I also gave it 4 stars. Will be looking out for your review 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg Red Hot Chili Peppers were amazing! They sounded great. They had these crazy LED lights that dropped from the ceiling and was insane. I can’t even describe it… I’ve never seen anything like it. I was also surprised at how much Anthony & Flea were still jumping and running around lol they’ve been doing this longer than I’ve been alive 😳.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I do hope you’ll post your review of Their Eyes Were Watching God at some point. I’d love to hear where you struggled, what you enjoyed, and who you would recommend it to in particular. This was a new book to me before reading Melanie @ GTL’s review; more opinions and thoughts will also help me better understand my own opinions.


  5. OTL I can’t believe I missed this when it was originally posted but thank you so much for sharing my post, Amanda! And, belated, but I hope you enjoyed the concert and your mother’s day. 🙂

    And is that the edition you have of Anne of Green Gables? The Puffin in Bloom editions are always so stunning! :’)


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