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Weekly Wrap-Up: 7/18-7/24/16

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Hello hello hello! How is everyone this Sunday evening?  It is unbearably hot here in Ohio!  The kind where you go outside and immediately start sweating.  It really is oppressive.

Let’s see how fared this week, shall we?

*Weekly wrap-up is a little update I do every Sunday that features what I had going on that week on the blog, bookish happenings for the week, what I am reading, what I currently finished reading, and what I have on deck to read next.

This week on the blog:

Monday 7/18

IMG_8088 [548636]Not Another Book Review for Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I really loved writing this post.  This isn’t really a book review, but more about what I took away from Fangirl.

Tuesday 7/19

Image [702543]Top Ten Tuesday: Books Set Outside the U.S.

book freak out tagBook Tag: Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag

Wednesday 7/20

Image [772607]Top 5 Wednesday: Recent Additions to My Book Wish List

Bookish/Blog happenings:

IMG_8192 [138910]

I got some book mail from Blogging For Books.  I am very excited to read The Book of Esther because from what I understand there is a lot of Jewish culture included.  I LOVE to learn about different cultures and religions through fiction.

The Bellbrook Book Barn

Introducing the Bellbrook Book Barn! That’s right, the moment you all have been waiting for.  My little free library is officially up and running!!! I still have to do some finishing touches, like paint the post and do some landscaping, but I am very happy with how it turned out!

Side Note: I would like to note that I dug the 3 foot hole for the post MYSELF!  That’s right, I’m officially a badass.  It only took me 1.5 hours in the 95º heat.  I had to go through tree roots, clay, and rock, but I did it… and I have the sunburn and blisters to prove it!


A small price to pay for literacy!

Recently finished reading:

Nothing 😦 I was so busy working on my little library, that I am still working on the books I was reading last Sunday.  Boo for slow reading weeks.

Currently reading:



I am now 50% through The Raven King and I have a feeling all hell is about to break loose.  Some crazy things have been happening…  I think I have been dragging my feet through this book because I don’t want The Raven Cycle to end 😦



I am 70% through this one and am hoping to finish it tonight.  I went into this book blind since I didn’t read the synopsis beforehand (I had never done this before) and it is not what I was expecting at all.  This book is unlike any book I’ve ever read before.  I really am enjoying the hodgepodge of characters within this book.  I am also fascinated with the setting, Coney Island in 1904.

On deck:


I am super excited to read this since I have been seeing a lot of great reviews for it!


My friend IRL recently finished this one and can’t stop singing its praises.  Since I don’t get many recommendations from people IRL, I am going to give this one a go.  I haven’t read a good YA contemporary this year, so I have high hopes for this book.



I am reading Starflight because the author, Melissa Landers, is going to be attending Books by the Banks in October.  I think I have only read two science fiction books this year, so I am looking forward to further exploring this genre.

How was your week?

What are you currently reading?

What will you read next?

*Have a great week and happy reading 🙂

7 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up: 7/18-7/24/16”

  1. Love your LFL (not the blisters)!!! I hope that you have as much fun with the Bellbrook Book Barn as we have with the Franklin Street LFL!!! A wonderful way to share books. Curious – what is your #? I am hearing that they are almost to 45000 LFLs. We registered last july and are 28169 so numbers are growing quickly!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!!! I hope I have half as much success as you have had with yours! I would love for it to be so popular that I will need to build a second like you had to. I am lucky Charter #41985 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Amanda! I love your Little Library! But there is NO way that something like that will work in South Africa…..So sad actually. You’ve listed some amazing titles here. I would love to read Magruder’s Curiosity Cabinet and The Book of Esther. I haven’t read The Ravel Cycle yet, but it is on my urgent TBR. I enjoyed reading your post! Wishing you a lovely week ahead and hope the hand is better soon….Here’s my Sunday Post: http://marelithalkink.blogspot.co.za/2016/07/the-sunday-post-24-july-2016.html

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! My battle scars are worth it 😂.
      I’m really enjoying Magruder’s CC! It is definitely a very eclectic book.
      I hope you get around to reading The Raven Cycle! I really have enjoyed it. I have listened to the series via audiobook which is narrated by Will Patton and it is definitely on point!
      Thanks for the link! I’m enjoying exploring your blog! I’m just trying to get it to let me comment as a guest 😅. For some reason it keeps giving me an error.


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