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Top 5 Wednesday! Books I DNF…

IMG_4038 [4140241]Happy Wednesday and welcome to my Top 5 Wednesday post!

If you don’t know Top 5 Wednesday (T5W) is a weekly meme with new topics each week.  Visit the Top 5 Wednesday Goodreads Group for more info and to see upcoming topics.

This weeks topic is Books I DNF (did not finish).  I am the type of reader that usually sticks with a book to the bitter end.  I really hate not finishing a book, mostly because a part of me is hoping things will turn around.   Unfortunately, in some cases they don’t.  For me to not finish a book, it basically has to be so boring that I can’t stay awake long enough to read it.  Over the years there has been a handful of books I DNF, and they are…


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Technically I did finish this book, but it felt like a slow torture.  I picked this book up when the craze over the play began.  People loved the play, so the book had to be good, right?  Wrong.  I loved the concept of telling the wicked witch of the west’s side of the story, but the execution was poor.  It breaks my heart to see such wonderful potential go so wrong.


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I picked up this book when the movie adaptation hit the theaters.  I maybe made it to 50% when I quit this book.  It just didn’t do it for me.  Even though I adore Julia Roberts, I have yet to watch the movie either… sorry JR.


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I am ashamed to admit that I actually finished this one.  I will never understand the craze over these books.  The leading male character is a sadist that hates women… why do people love this book?!?  Would you want your children to read this book and think this is how men should treat women?  If you want to read a raunchy novel there are plenty of them out there.  In the name of feminism and all that is decent, please stop glorifying these books!!!  (End rant)

51NSea8bV-L._SX309_BO1,204,203,200_Amazon // Goodreads

I was in way over my head with this book.  I’m not sure what the issue was, but it’s possible that I just wasn’t ready to read this book when I did.  I have heard people say that this book changed their life, so don’t let this scare you away from it.


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Another book with a brilliant concept.  Telling the story from the victims perspective?  Genius!  Everything was going well with this book until things just went south real quick.  When good books go bad…

Have you read any of these books?  Do you agree or disagree?

15 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday! Books I DNF…”

  1. A good book that tells the story from the victims perspective is Stolen by Lucy Christopher I loved that book! The only Sebold book I’ve read is The Almost Moon. I don’t think I particularly liked it so I didn’t bother giving anything else a try. I did like the movie adaptation. Great list!

    Danica @ A Redheaded Bookworm

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    1. The writing isn’t bad and I actually enjoyed it up until the point where all the BDSM started taking happening. Since I am against BDSM in general, it was pretty much doomed from the start. Sexual gratification from humiliation, domination, and inflicting pain… It just raises red flags for me… I guess that’s my background in criminal justice and psychology coming out.


      1. I went through this reading phase (I call it literary puberty) when I used to read a lot of BDSM. This was one of the last and I can say that it was quite mild in comparison to others. But everyone has got things they don’t like.

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  2. I typically try to finish what I start (even if it feels like punishment to read a chapter here and there to get it done such as A Casual Vacancy) but I could not finish Furiously Happy – it was the most obnoxious book I have ever read and I felt it insults those with mental illness. I was not the only one in my book club to stop reading it but we did have polarized responses with a couple absolutely loving it!

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    1. Isn’t it interesting how 2 people can pick up the same book and have completely different experiences? I have seen Furiously Happy floating around but haven’t looked into it yet. Casual Vacancy is sitting on my TBR shelf… I think I’m scared to read it because I really haven’t had anyone tell me they liked it…


  3. Hi there. Really interesting post! I haven’t read any of those books. I’ve never been interested in reading any of them (especially 50 Shades of Grey) except perhaps Wicked, purely out of curiosity. Not sure I want to now :S

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    1. I never like to discourage someone from reading a book, especially since 2 people can read the same story and walk away with completely different reading experiences. I had a very hard time with Wicked, however you may read it and love it.


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