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June 2018 Bookish Wrap-Up + Book Haul


As we are already 10 days into July, I figured that I should probably get around to posting my June Wrap-Up before it’s too late…

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May 2018 Bookish Wrap-Up + Book Haul


Wowzer is this post late, BUT I have a good excuse this time!  I was out of town for 9 whole days of vacation bliss.  My family took a beach vacation to Charleston, South Carolina this past week.  I’d never been to Charleston before, but quickly fell in love with its Southern charm, amazing sea food, beautiful buildings, and great beaches.  A good time was had by all.


It was a little tough to come home since Ohio decided to regress back to spring like weather.  Today it is 69 degrees and raining… this is not typical June weather.  Take me back to the sunshine & warm weather!

Let’s see which books I read in the month of May…

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April 2018 Bookish Wrap-Up + Book Haul


Happy May bookworms!

Even though we are only 3 days into the month of May, things are already looking up from April.  After 6 LONG months of a hard winter, warmer weather seems to have arrive in Ohio.  Time to break out the shorts & t-shirts and put away the coats & sweaters.

April was an off month for me.  I definitely didn’t get as much accomplished as I had hoped, both in regards to reading & blogging.  Actually, April was my smallest reading month thus far this year.  I read a total of 7 books, which is a tad under my average of 10 books per month.  Despite not having a big quantity reading month, I did have a good quality reading month.  I even handed out four 5-star ratings!  If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I am not one to hand out 5-star ratings lightly.

Which books received the coveted 5-star rating? Read on to find out…

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March 2018 Bookish Wrap-Up + Book Haul


Goodbye March & hello April!

April is such an awesome month, don’t you think?  I mean, I guess I am a little bias since it is my birth month and all.  I will be turning 29 for the 3rd year in a row, and I must say 29 still feels great 🙂

Anyways!  Let’s see what I read & accomplished in March…

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February 2018 Bookish Wrap-Up + Book Haul


February was an unexpected month for me.  Unexpected in many ways… best of which would be the fact that I read 15 books!  Before you get too excited, 4 of those books were graphic novels, but still!  I am beyond thrilled to have read so much, especially with all that I had going on in my personal life.

Let’s see what I had going on in February…

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