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Book Review: The House by the Lake by Ella Carey

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As most of you know, I am a huge historical fiction fan, especially WWII historical fiction.  I am also a big fan of books that deal with past family secret mysteries (think Kate Morton).  So when I read the book description for The House by the Lake and found that it was a fusion of the two, I was all for it.

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Book Review: The Smell of Other People’s Houses by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock


After seeing the gorgeous cover and the odd title, I knew I had to pick this one up.  The Smell of Other People’s Houses?  What’s that all about?

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Book Review: Since She Went Away by David Bell


I picked up Since She Went Away as part of my Books by the Banks TBR.  David Bell attends the BBTB book festival every year as Cincinnati, Ohio is his hometown.   Convenient right? Obviously being within an hour away from Cincinnati myself, I had heard of David Bell before, but I just hadn’t gotten around to reading any of his work.  The BBTB was the push I needed to finally pick up one of his books.  As Since She Went Away was release in June, this was the book that he was promoting at the festival.


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Book Review: Stardust by Neil Gaiman


This is going to be a shorter review for a few reasons:

1.) I am ridiculously behind on my book reviews.

2.)  I’m pretty sure I am one of the last people on earth to read this book.  That’s right, everyone AND their Mom has read this already.  I’m late to the game yet again.

3.) It’s Neil freaking Gaiman.  If you are not already a fan, what are you doing with your life? Don’t worry, I remember my pre-Gaiman years too.  Come to the light!

4.) Did I mention I am really behind on my book reviews?  I wasn’t kidding, I am sitting 10 book reviews deep.  Send help.

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Book Review: Fractured by Catherine McKenzie

Fracturedcov.jpgI requested Fractured to review after it was confirmed that Catherine McKenzie was attending the Books by the Banks book festival that I attended last month.  You can read about my experience here → Book Event: Books by the Banks Book Festival.  I was thrilled (see what I did there?) when my request was approved.  This was my first time any of Catherine McKenzie’s work, and I must say I was not disappointed. Continue reading “Book Review: Fractured by Catherine McKenzie”