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August 2018 Book Haul – The Month I Discovered Book Outlet #BookOutletHaul


To say that August’s book haul is a bit ridiculous is an understatement.  I HAD been doing so well this year NOT buying books, but that is out the window.  Why?  August was the month I discovered Book Outlet


See what I mean?  Continue on to see which books I hauled in August…

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Features, Wrap Ups & Hauls

April 2017 Book Haul


Welcome to my April book haul, or as I like to refer to it: “the month I lost all control.”

 So… I bought a few books in April.  Now, when I say “a few” I really mean a ludicrous amount of books.  We are talking 25+ books here.   In my defense, April just happened to be my birthday month AND I attended TWO book festivals…  I mean those are legit reasons to go on a book buying binge right?!

I really hope my husband never sees this post…

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