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Book Blogging Babble: What Makes You Click (or NOT Click) That Follow Button?


Hello bookworms!

Today I want to talk about what makes us follow or NOT follow a book blog…

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Bookish Babble: Bookworm Stereotypes


Hello bookworms!

Today I am excited to share with you the first of a new feature on my blog, Bookish Babble!  (Oh how I love a good alliteration)  I have been wanting to do discussion posts for a while now, however I had many excuses reasons for not attempting a discussion post until this point in my blogging journey.  Most of these reasons centered around the fact that I am a big fat chicken and was too scared to put myself out there, but I also had some legit reasons.  My biggest reason being that I wanted to build up Cover2CoverMom’s following before attempting discussion posts.   After all, what is the point of a discussion post if no one reads it?  Without followers, it kind of defeats the whole discussion post concept when it is a one sided discussion.  Now I am not saying that I am setting the world on fire in the followers department, but I now feel confident that at least one person is bound to read this post, thus making it all worthwhile.

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