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2017 New Releases I Wish I Had Read in 2017


It happens every year.  The year’s new releases come out and you drag your feet.

I’ll wait to read ((insert new release book title here)) until I see more reviews for it.


I can only read so many books per year, is ((insert new release book title here)) worthy of my time?

For whatever reason, some of those new releases don’t get read.  Today I am sharing a few 2017 new releases that I am kicking myself for not actually reading in 2017…

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Discussion Posts

Bookish Babble: Setting Goals for 2017


Do you set goals for yourself at the start of each year?

I find that setting goals at the beginning of every year helps to keep me motivated throughout the year.  I am so big into making goals, that I not only make yearly (“long term goals”), but also monthly (“short term”) goals.  That’s right, I love goals!


In this post I am going to give some helpful hints for setting your bookish goals for 2017, and also share my own goals for 2017.

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