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Kids’ Corner: Christmas 2016 Book Buying Guide


Warning!  This is NOT a drill!

We are less than 3 weeks away from Christmas.  Are you ready?

I thought I would take it upon myself to help you in your gift buying endeavors for all the little people in your life.  Let’s be honest here, do kids really need more TOYS?  Video games? Junk taking up space in the house?  No!  What they really need is more books my friends!  No matter what age the kids on your Christmas shopping list are, I’ve got you covered ((No pun intended… get it? Cover2CoverMom? Oh come on!  I know that at least deserves a smirk))

In order to keep this list short, I decided to limit my recommendations to only 2016 releases.  Furthermore, I must also note that I have not personally read any of these books, they are simply books that I have come across that I would buy my own kids (or other kids on my Christmas list) for Christmas.

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