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Librarian Archives: December 2020


Well we’ve done it folks.  We are finally at the end of 2020!

2021 HAS to be better right?



I’m not going to lie, this was a challenging year in my career life.  Not only was I learning the ropes as a new librarian, but I had to figure out an entire new way to do my job due to COVID.  This year was basically trial by fire for me, but I survived!  I still LOVE my job so much and am so thankful that I somehow landed my dream job.DisplaysObviously, the holiday season was a lot of fun to decorate for.  This year, I am super proud of the displays I created.  First off, I wrapped our circulation desk in corrugated paper and created these gingerbread houses from paper, cotton balls, a chalk marker, and some glitter glue.


I also created this fireplace – out of construction paper and tissue paper – with stockings for each member of our staff.



How cute did my fireplace turn out?!


I do not have a lot of holiday books in my YA collection, so I decided to showcase my YA fantasy books since that’s what I like to read in the winter time 🙂


I also pulled some MG fantasy books to showcase as well too 🙂


Here is where I feature YA books by black authors.  I also used this space to advertise a social justice book club I was co-hosting with another teen librarian.


This was my virtual book display for December.  Here is where I featured many of the YA holiday books that I don’t necessarily have in my collection, but we have available in our library system and offer digitally on eBook.Programming


December is always a low-key month as far as programming goes.  Most people are far too busy with the holidays to attend library programming.  Most of my programming for December was more passive in nature.


In my December virtual library, I created a Christmas emoji guessing game, a virtual Christmas breakout room, a Christmas movie trivia quiz, and a tutorial video on how to make a pinecone Christmas tree.


I put together 3 different take & make kits for teens and adults in December.  The first was a pinecone Christmas tree.


Next I put together kits to make this cinnamon stick Christmas tree ornament.


And finally, I offered kits with materials to make this pinecone gnome.


In November, I ran a virtual program where I asked teens to make homemade holiday cards to send out to our homebound patrons as a virtual service project.  These are a few I received.  I’m always amazed at how creative and talented my teens are 🙂



Is your local library open?  If so, are they offering virtual programming or to-go crafts?

Comment below & let me know 🙂


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