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Teen Librarian Archives: January 2020


In case you missed it, I started a new monthly feature on my blog, Teen Librarian Archives.  At the end of each month, I’ll be doing a wrap-up of my month as a teen librarian.  I’ll be sharing my displays, passive programs, crafts, and my teen programming for the month.  You can read my first installment here ⇒ Teen Librarian Archives: December 2019

Let’s get into it…


One of the most exciting things for me this month was that I got my very own “Staff Picks” bookmark on our Staff Picks shelf.


This is the project of one of our adult librarians.  When she asked for book recommendations for this project, I *MAY* have went a little overboard and sent her 40 titles.  I cannot explain how excited I was to see my name on a bookmark for staff picks.  Does this make me a nerd?  Why yes, yes it does.

In January my passive program was called “Snow Who?”  The idea was to have patrons decorate blank snowmen as book characters to hang up on the wall.


I always put up examples to entice patrons to participate.   Is anyone surprised that I make a Harry Potter snowman?


This passive was a lot of fun.  I really enjoyed seeing our endcap fill up with snowmen.


Above are a few of my favorites.  Some of the snowmen were very creative.

January was a light month in regards to programming at the library.  January was also the last month where the previous teen librarian had planned out the programs, which means from February on all the teen programs are all mine.

My first program of January was my Teen Readers book club.  This book club is open to high school aged students, and has not been well attended.  Since it has not been well attended, or attended at all some months, I did not have high hopes for a turn out.  There was not a specific book chosen, so I decided to pull the top YA books of 2019 listed by School Library Journal to discuss with attendees.  To my surprise, 2 teens attended.  While not a ton of bookish talk was going on, I did share the books I had pulled, so I’ll consider it a win.  Moving forward I have decided to do away with this book club to free up time for other events since there doesn’t seem to be a demand for it.

My second program was Teen Trivia.  Since this program was open to teens from 12 – 18, I did struggle a bit to come up with trivia questions that would appeal to such a wide age range.  I settled for general categories like fast food slogans, NFL logos, world landmarks, candy, animals, video games, etc.

I created a power point presentation with the questions, which I hooked up to a TV screen for viewing ease.


To my delight, I had 13 teens show up!  For my branch, this is considered a very successful program.  They all seemed to have a wonderful time and we were LOUD.  I even had a few adult patrons walking up to me whispering their answers to the questions.  Later, one of the circulation clerks mentioned to me that a patron came up to the desk to tell her how wonderful it was to see so many teens having fun at the library.


My next program was my Middle School book club.  Like my Teen Readers, this book club has not been well attended.  While I didn’t have anyone show up, I am not discouraged.  In the future, I have been throwing the idea around of doing “book tastings” instead of a book club with a specific book.  A “book tasting” is where you sample various books and discuss.  I’ll keep you posted.

The last event was D&D, which I was out of town on vacation for.  We have a Dragon Master that comes in an runs the D&D games, so I was not missed.

This month I also got the opportunity to sub for the children’s librarian doing her storytimes for a week.  I did 5 different storytimes for over 180 kids in one week!  Let me tell you, it was exhausting!  I have a new appreciation for children’s librarians 🙂

And that’s a wrap on January!



Does your local library offer programming to teens?  If so, what types of programs?

Comment below & let me know 🙂


4 thoughts on “Teen Librarian Archives: January 2020”

  1. I’m so glad that your Teen Trivia night went well! We might have to try something like that here.

    Our teen program right now is called Teen Chill and it’s a very open-ended program where we provide board games, a craft, and a snack and hope that someone shows up. We’ve had some luck early on but with the cold and dark weather we haven’t had much success the past couple of months. Fingers crossed for next week! But, if it continues to be not very well attended then we may have to look at trying something else. It’s hard to get teens into the library but your success with Trivia Night gives me hope.


  2. I softens me salty cold heart to see the teens hanging out in the library. I went to a new local library in the town I am in and it was excellent to see it completely jam packed by all ages on the weekend.
    x The Captain


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