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Book Event: Kate Morton’s Book Tour for The Clockmaker’s Daughter



All the way back on October 9th, I attended Kate Morton’s book tour for The Clockmaker’s Daughter….


I was super excited to discover that KATE MORTON was going to be coming near me on her book tour for her most recent release, The Clockmaker’s Daughter.  I discovered Kate Morton back in 2008 when I saw The Forgotten Garden on the shelves of a bookstore.  I quickly fell in love with Morton’s writing style and gothic tones.  When The Distant Hours came out in 2010, I quickly devoured that as well.  For some reason, I have yet to pick up her other books, BUT they are all sitting on my shelves ready to go.

As per usual, I am going to share a few things I learned while attending this event in rapid fire bullet point style…

  • October 9th was the actual release date for The Clockmaker’s Daughter!  I got to celebrate TCD’s book birthday with the author herself!!!
  • Kate was wearing a gorgeous navy floral gown for the event.  She looked very posh!
  • When Kate was pitching TCD, you could really tell she was a storyteller.
  • Kate should totally narrate her own audiobooks.  She has a lovely reading voice.  When she read aloud from TCD, she invited us all to close our eyes while we listened because “it’s a delicious way to hear a story.”


  • This may come as a surprise, but Kate has a thing for old houses.  ((Sarcasm))  She loves how you can almost sense the lives that were lived in an old house.
  • In TCD, Kate wanted to explore the ideas of time & beauty.  She also wanted to portray that even in the darkest of times, there is light.
  • When asked what types of books she enjoys, Kate replied that if it has print, she’ll read it!  She mentioned that she reads a lot of nonfiction, memoirs in particular.  She is fascinated by people.  She also admitted that she has anxiety over the fact that she won’t be able to read all the books she wants to read.
  • Kate draws inspiration from everywhere & everything.  She likes to fit things together like puzzle pieces.


  • She first came up with the idea for TCD while out to dinner with an archivist back in 2010.
  • The Forgotten Garden was inspired by her Grandmother’s story – her Grandmother was told at age 21 that the father she had known her entire life was not her biological father.
  • When asked her favorite characters from the books she has written, she replied that she has a soft spot for Persy from The Distant Hours and Eliza from The Forgotten Garden.
  • When asked about her writing process, Kate responded that the characters come first.  She spends months writing in notebooks about the characters before she ever writes a chapter of a book idea.  The more she writes, the more she believes that the story follows the characters.   She also mentioned that she writes, edits, and rewrites scenes as she goes.  She doesn’t feel that she can move on from a particular scene or chapter if is feels flimsy to her.


  • It took her two years to write The Clockmaker’s Daughter.
  • Kate has always been a reader, but has not always been a writer.
  • When asked if Kate has ever thought about writing a sequel or series of any of her books, she replied that she never says never, but its not likely.  She feels that her books are like a bubble when completed, bubbles that she cannot access again.
  • She wouldn’t mind seeing The Secret Keeper made into a TV series.
  • Since she is a mother to 3 sons aged 5, 10, & 15, Kate writes anywhere.  She wrote the majority of TCD at her kitchen table.
  • Kate always has the ending in mind, and a few twists and turns, when she starts a book.  She may have the ending, but not always exactly how the characters get to that point.
  • Kate started an Instagram account so she could take the time to stop and notice beautiful things in everyday life.  You can follow Kate here → Kate Morton’s Instagram


Divider2Have you read any of Kate Morton’s books?  If so, which ones?

If you are a Kate Morton super fan, which of her books is your favorite?

Is The Clockmaker’s Daughter on your TBR?

Comment below & let me know!

5 thoughts on “Book Event: Kate Morton’s Book Tour for The Clockmaker’s Daughter”

  1. It sounds like you had a great discussion at this event! I haven’t been to many author events, but I don’t come away with amazing tidbits like this. I’ve got to up the ante on my question asking in the future!

    I haven’t read anything by Morton yet. In fact, I’m embarrassed to say I only heard of her when The Clockmaker’s Daughter came out! But this is definitely on my TBR. Have *you* read it yet?!


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