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Bookish Crafts: How To Make a Succulent Book Planter


Hello bookworms!

Today I am super excited to share a new (hopefully monthly) feature with you all: Bookish Crafts!  Since I consider myself a crafty person, I figured I would combine two of my great loves: crafting & books, in order to create a new feature here on the blog.  These posts will all be “how to” posts with step-by-step instructions, so that you can join in the fun too!

Today I am going to share how to make a succulent planter out of a book…



I would like to disclose that I did NOT come up with the concept of turning a book into a planter.  There are all kinds of tutorials on Pinterest and around the web.  I did not follow any particular tutorial myself, but rather saw a picture and recreated it in my own way.  I am simply sharing how I created MY book planter.  I would also like to point out that my book planter includes FAKE succulents.  There are tutorials on how to make a book planter with live plants, but this isn’t one of them.  Why did I chose to use fake plants?  Because I wanted something with ZERO maintenance AND If I included real plants I’d have to water them… water & books just don’t mix.

There are so many variations on the book plater.  I am already planning on making a different variation, which of course I’ll post the how-to for as well.

What You’ll Need:

  1. Book *It has to be a book you are ok with altering*
  2. Box cutter
  3. Ruler
  4. Pencil
  5. Glue
  6. Decorative moss
  7. Fake succulent plants



Step 1: Open the book to the desired page.  This is completely personal preference.  After you are happy with the placement, apply light layer of glue around the perimeter of the book page binding of the base of the planter.  This is simply to keep pages in place while you are cutting your hole.  I used spray glue and let it dry for about an hour before starting.


Step 2: Take your pencil & ruler and draw the space you will cut out for the plants.  The size and shape of this opening is up to you.  Since I had a few different succulent plants, I made a large rectangle shape.  If you only have one or two plants, you could also make a smaller square shape.

Step 3: Take the box cuter and start cutting out the shape of your opening.  Tip: Use the ruler as a edge to direct the box cuter.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, remember that it will be covered with moss & succulents.

*Side note:  Keep the pages you cut out of the book for future bookish crafts!


Step 4:  After you have finished cutting out the opening, fill it with the decorative moss.  You could glue the moss down if you wanted, but it isn’t necessary.


Step 5:  Place the succulent plants into the moss and arrange as desired.  Again, this is personal preference & style.

Step 6:  Take a step back and admire your creative brilliance!


Voila! Easy peasy 🙂


Do you enjoy crafting?

Would you ever alter a book into a planter?

Comment below & let me know 🙂

13 thoughts on “Bookish Crafts: How To Make a Succulent Book Planter”

  1. I am definitely NOT crafty. I aspire to be crafty, but I’m the sort of person who tends to develop Pinterest fails. XD You made this look SUPER easy, however. I might just have to try it! Did you cover the whole book in the spray adhesive or just the sides of the pages you cut into? It’s not particularly clear from the photos (that was definitely a glue pun. Clear glue. Yeah. It’s bad. I know.)

    I hope you keep this up! I love finding old books and I’d love to do something crafty with them. Perhaps I’ll discover I am actually quite a crafty woman! XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. AH *yells* This is so beautiful, and such an easy one to do, as well! I might have to give it a go soon because I have so many books lying around that I have no use for anymore; might as well do something with them, hehe. I’m super excited for this feature, Amanda. 🙂

    ~ Aimal @ Bookshelves & Paperbacks


  3. This is such a wonderful idea! I’m already thinking where I could get the fake succulent plants, although I might just have to try it with real ones instead… I need to find a book I’m willing to sacrifice first though. 😉


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