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August 2018 Bookish Wrap-Up



Goodbye August & hello September!

I don’t know about you all, but once August  hits, my life is go-go-go until the end of October.  With my kids returning to school & fall sports, my schedule is back to chaos.  My August was a tad more busy since I decided to start the process of applying for a substitute license.  The plan is to sub two days a week this school year, then find something full time in the district next school year when my daughter starts kindergarten.   I am excited to dip my toes back into the work force after being a stay-at-home parent for the past 5 years.

With everything I had going on, I am actually pleasantly surprised that I was able to read 8 books in August.  Unfortunaly, it wasn’t a big quality reading month for me.  I don’t think I’ve ever given out so many 2 star ratings in one month before… 


Like I mentioned in last week’s Bookish Weekly Wrap-Up, things have been on the quieter side around here this month.  This has a little to do with a hectic personal life, but more to do with the fact I’ve been working on some new content for the blog.   I’m really excited about it, and can’t wait to share in the upcoming weeks 🙂


What I read this month


Challenge Updates
Screenshot 2018-08-31 21.04.40
I am very happy with my progress on my Goodreads reading challenge.  I WAS on track to hit 120 books this year, but I decided to slow my reading down so I’d have more time to dedicate to my blog.  Still happy with this decision.


July 2018 Bookish Wrap-Up + Book Haul

August 2018 TBR: ARC August

Book Event: An Evening with Patrick Rothfuss


Book Review: The Heart’s Invisible Furies by John Boyne

RadioGirlsCoverBook Review: The Radio Girls by Sarah-Jane Stratford


Book Haul
After doing so well NOT purchasing many new book this year, aside from the ones I purchase at book events, I completely blew it this month.  What happened?  I discovered the Book Outlet.  It was so bad, that I had to draft a separate book haul post for August.  Be on the look out for my book haul post later this week.


Which books did you read this month?

Have you read any of the books I read this month?  If so, what did you think?

Did you buy any books?  If so, which ones?

Comment below & let me know 🙂

5 thoughts on “August 2018 Bookish Wrap-Up”

  1. Murder on the Orient Express was my first Agatha Christie novel too. I read it 2 or so years ago. I also thought it was okay but liked the twist at the end.


  2. Depending on how close you are to Indiana, you should dip your teaching toe in over here. We’re starved for teachers. Having lived in Michigan for 23 years, I must say I don’t get what the hell Indiana is doing with public education.


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