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Weekly Wrap-Up: 9/11 – 9/17/17


Happy Sunday bookworms!

Did everyone have a good weekend?  The bulk of my weekend was spend working on the new house.  Since cold weather will be here before we know it, we are in a mad dash to get the exterior of the house painted & some of the yard work done.  Let’s just say I never want to see the color ‘powder blue’ or a vine of ivy ever again.

Let’s see what I’ve been reading this week, shall we?

*Weekly Wrap-Up is a weekly post where I feature what posts were published on the blog for the past week, any bookish/blog happenings, what I recently finished reading, what I am currently reading, what I will be reading next, noteworthy posts around the bookish blogosphere, and any interesting bookish articles I came across.


ThisWeekOnTheBlog.jpegTuesday 9/12


Book Review: The Luster of Lost Things by Sophie Chen Keller

Wednesday 9/13


Top 5 Wednesday: Skip the Book Synopsis

Thursday 9/14


Book Review: The House by the Lake by Ella Carey



*Book titles link to Goodreads

Recently finished reading:

» The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue (Guide #1) by Mackenzi Lee


5-Star Rating System

*4.5 Stars*

Feelings in a few thoughts:  YA historical fiction makes my heart happy ◊ tongue-in-cheek humor – I laughed out loud multiple times ◊ these characters will steal your heart: Monty, the charming scoundrel, Felicity, the level headed and brilliant little sister, and Percy, the sweet and gentle friend  ◊ includes some heavy tones, but overall a lighthearted & fluffy read ◊ audiobook is brilliantly narrated

» Wonder Woman: Warbringer (DC Icons #1) by Leigh Bardugo


5-Star Rating System

Feelings in a few thoughts: Bardugo did a great job putting a YA spin on the Wonder Woman story ◊ dialogue between characters on point ◊ did not see the twist coming ◊ wanted to see more of life on Themyscira & the Amazons ◊ the story was just as much about Alia as Diana – would have liked the focus to have been more Diana

» Exit West by Mohsin Hamid

Exit West

5-Star Rating System

*4.5 Stars*

Feelings in a few thoughts: Hamid’s writing style takes a little while to get used to – lots of thoughts stringed together with commas ◊ LOVED that this book was a inside look at the collective refuge experience – it captured the fears & stresses refugees experience fleeing their homes ◊ a small touch of magic realism – would have liked these elements to have been a little more developed  ◊ bittersweet romance – felt so realistic ◊ writing was understated, which suited the story well

Currently Reading:

» The Dinner by Herman Koch


Status: 50%

» A Million Junes by Emily Henry


Status: 5%

On deck:

» Here’s to Us by Elin Hilderbrand


Three romantic rivals. One crowded house. Plenty of room for jealousy.
Laurel Thorpe, Belinda Rowe, and Scarlett Oliver share only two things; a love for the man they all married, Deacon Thorpe–a celebrity chef with an insatiable appetite for life–and a passionate dislike of one another. All three are remarkable, spirited women, but they couldn’t be more different. Laurel: Deacon’s high school sweetheart and an effortlessly beautiful social worker; Belinda: a high-maintenance Hollywood diva; and Scarlett: a sexy southern belle floating by on her family money and her fabulous looks. They’ve established a delicate understanding over the years–they avoid each other at all costs.
But their fragile detente threatens to come crashing down after Deacon’s tragic death on his favorite place on earth: a ramshackle Nantucket summer cottage. Deacon’s final wish was for his makeshift family to assemble on his beloved Nantucket to say good-bye. Begrudgingly, Laurel, Belinda, and Scarlett gather on the island as once again, as in each of their marriages, they’re left to pick up Deacon’s mess. Now they’re trapped in the crowded cottage where they all made their own memories–a house that they now share in more ways than one–along with the children they raised with Deacon, and his best friend. Laurel, Belinda, and Scarlett each had an unbreakable bond with Deacon–and they all have secrets to hide.
Before the weekend is over, there are enough accusations, lies, tears, and drama to turn even the best of friends–let alone three women who married the same man–into adversaries. As his unlikely family says good-bye to the man who brought them together–for better or worse–will they be able to put aside their differences long enough to raise a glass in Deacon’s honor?



» @TheOrangutanLibrarian talks about why she’s happy to write/post negative reviews → Why I’m Happy to be Negative Sometimes

Screenshot 2017-09-17 10.25.18.png

» Kirstie @Upside-Down Books shares some Spring book recs for those in the southern hemisphere → Spring Reads || Recommendations to Make You Feel Sigh-Ful

Screenshot 2017-09-17 11.14.10.png


» When Reading Is Hard: A New Way to Help Your Child Move Forward

» 7 Favorite Books to Read with Grandparents


What are you currently reading?

What will you read next?

Have a wonderful week & happy reading:)

20 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up: 9/11 – 9/17/17”

  1. Look at you go with you run of good books! I’ve literally seen nothing but amazing things for The Gentleman’s Guide like GAH clearly I need to get a copy of it ASAP! My question for you is should I read Bardugo’s Wonderwoman? I’m not familiar at all with the Wonderwoman story (I clearly had a deprived childhood) so I’ve been hesitant to touch the queen’s latest book because I feel like it’ll be lost on me. What d’you reckon?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well hi! Remember me?! I apologize that this comment is LONG overdue!!! I would actually say that prior knowledge of the WW story is not a necessity for reading LB’s new take on WW… It is almost a prequel to the WW story, so it really can stand alone.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You had such a great reading week! Wow– how did you get through so many books so quickly? I’m blown away… Were any of these audiobooks while you worked on the house? Any audiobook recommendations? I’m always looking for new amazing narrators. 😀

    I’ve currently finishing Attachments by Rainbow Rowell for a buddy read with Evelina. I’m also working on Sounder and I’m super excited to start Ta-Nehishi Coates’s new collection of essays, We Were Eight Years in Power right after one of those is done!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why hello there! I am so so sorry this response is almost 2 months late ((hangs head in shame))

      How did you like Attachments? Have you read any of RR’s other books? I read Fangirl, which I thought was ok, BUT I wasn’t a huge fan of the lack of plotline… which I’ve heard is a common trait of her books. Her characters sure are relatable though…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha. You’re fine. You have been a bit busy managing quite a hectic time in your life! responding to comments like this shouldn’t be that high on your list.

        I love Rainbow Rowell’s books– but I love reading character studies. I find that most of Rowell’s books are lacking in plot, as you point out. But that appeals to me. I would recommend Carry On if you’ve read Fangirl. It’s Rowell’s interpretation of Cath’s fanfic– so it certainly has more plot while still being a well formed character study. I enjoyed Attachments, but it’s not my favorite of her novels.


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