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Blogging Babble: Blogger/Follower Expectations


 Well I’ve been blogging for over a year now and I have yet to post discussion posts regularly… Actually I think I’ve posted a total of 2 since I started blogging.  It’s just sad really.  BUT I have been working on lots of ideas, so hopefully this is going to change moving forward.

Today, I wanted to talk with my fellow bloggers about blogger/follower expectations…


When someone hits that follow button, a connection is formed between the blogger and the follower.  All human connections (or relationships if you will) have their own set of expectations.  Blogging is no different.

Expectations get a bad rap.  Personally, I think having reasonable expectations in a relationship/connection is completely normal.  If it helps, think of expectations as rules or standards for the purpose of this post.

If you are a blogger, you should have a set of expectations that your followers can expect from you.  At least, I do.  I find that this helps keep me accountable.  Also, I find it equally important to have expectations for what I do and do NOT expect from my followers.

Here are some examples of what I am talking about…


What can my followers expect from me?

Consistency» Consistency

I am not going to drop off the face of the earth, at least not without a very good explanation.   I have been blogging over a year now, and not once in the time I’ve been blogging have I not managed to get at least one post up per week.  This isn’t to bash on people who need to take short hiatuses for very legitimate reasons (vacations, personal reasons, school/work related commitments, etc.) every once in a while.  I am referring to the bloggers that post once a month, or are not active for months at a time.  Sorry, you all are stuck with me.

» Honesty honesty

If I can promise you one thing, it’s that I am honest.  This applies to book reviews, all other posts, comments, replies, etc.  You can always count on me to tell it like it is.  Now, in regards to book reviews, I am not out to bash on anyone’s work.  I always take into consideration the time and effort an author takes to writing a book, so I am never going to be that reviewer that is brutally honest.  While those types of reviews can be funny, they are not my style.  I do my best to always see some positive in EVERY book I review and give constructive criticism.

I am so honest that I will even be honest when it doesn’t always paint me in the best light.  Don’t believe me?  Check out my review for Small Great Things Book Review: Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult.

personality» Personality

I would like to think that my personality shines through in my blog?  I mean isn’t it my charm and wit that keep you coming back?!  No?  Well I’m a charming and witty person damn it! Basically you can expect me to be me, and not a robot.

» Variety Variety.jpg

I do my best to provide a variety of posts: book reviews, weekly memes, book/blog tags, book events, wrap-ups, TBRs, discussion posts, and of course my kids’ corner feature.   I get bored of blogs that only feature one type of post, so I try and have a variety in my content.  Maybe you are not interested in reading book reviews, but you love to know what people are planning on reading (TBR lists) or what they read over that month (wrap-ups).  Maybe you are not interested in the book event recaps, but you are a parent and are interested in children’s books or middle grade reads.  I try to appeal to a wide audience with the content on my blog.

I also promise variety in my  reading as well.  I read most genres within the children’s picture books, middle grade, young adult, and adult realms.  I may not always be reading and reviewing a book you are interested in, but odds are I will at some point.

Entertainment» Entertainment

Technically I can’t really promise this, but I would like to think I am entertaining.  I mean, I have a few followers now, so I can’t be THAT dull right?

» InteractionReply

If you take the time to comment on one of my posts, I will always respond to that comment.  Granted, it may be a few days later, but I WILL respond.  If you even take the time to type out “Great post!” or “Great review!” I will still take the time to respond.  I love interacting with my followers.  It is one of my favorite aspects of blogging.

What do I expect from my followers?

respect» Be respectful

This is a very broad expectation, but probably one of my biggest expectations.  I expect you, my follower, to be respectful of me AND anyone else that interacts on my blog.  I do not tolerate any type of disrespectful comments.  This includes any comments that are harmful against a person’s race/ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability, social class, language, nationality, etc.  I will not tolerate it.

» Call me out Call me

I expect my followers to call me out.  If you see a spelling error: call me out!  If you are a part of the grammar police, and I made a grammatical error: call me out!  Most importantly, if I say something offensive or harmful, please call me out.  I am human, I make mistakes.  The last thing I want is to say or do something that is offensive or harmful to someone.

Now when I say call me out, the rule from above applies.  There are appropriate ways to call someone out in a respectful manner…

tired.jpg» I do NOT expect you to read every post

*But it would be nice… ((wink wink))

I do not expect my followers to read every post I publish.  Why?  Because not every post is going to appeal to everyone.  If I review a book that you have no interest in reading, then skip it!  If I post something for the kids’ corner division of my blog and you are not a parent nor have any interest in children’s literature, then why would you read it?   Read the posts you are interested in and skip the ones you aren’t.

» I do NOT expect you to read EVERY word Read

I realize that your time is important.  I do not expect you to read every word in a post.  I promise there won’t be a quiz at the end.  Feel free to skim!  I expect most of my readers to skim, that’s why I bold important thoughts and ideas.  This way you can still get the basic gist of my post even if you didn’t have the time to read the entire thing.  You’re welcome.

Disagree» Speak up if you disagree with me

Do you have a opinion that is different from my own?  Then speak up!  I want to hear your thoughts and feelings just as much as I want to give my own.  One of the reasons I love book blogging so much is that it can be like my own personal book club.  I love discussion and even a healthy debate.  Always feel welcome to speak your mind as long as it is done in a respectful manner.


Loyalty» Loyalty

Ways you can express your loyalty to me…Get my blog name tattooed on your body • Offer me your first born child • Build a shrine in my honor • Choreograph an interpretive dance the represents my blog • NEVER stop following my blog…

* This is obviously a joke.  I do not want your first born child.  I would be highly amused if you decided to go for any of the other options though 🙂

booktopboarderLet’s Chat!

If you are a blogger, what can your followers expect from you?

Do you have any expectations for your followers?

Comment below and let me know 🙂


70 thoughts on “Blogging Babble: Blogger/Follower Expectations”

  1. AWWW AMANDA! I was so counting on having a free sitter for my firstborn child!! D: You ruined me.
    Seriously tho: I agree with everything! I love your blog because you read a bit of everything and because you are always, ALWAYS awesome, even when you are explaining why a book failed you. Seriously, you’re the best! Are you sure you don’t want my firstborn child? #what
    And you’ll have to suck up, because I do read every post you do most of the time. YOU’LL NEVER CATCH ME, I’LL KEEP DOING IT!!! #rebel

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  2. I’ll get to work on that shrine asap 😉 I’ve been trying to expand the types of posts I make, and I make an effort to respond to every comment (I’m sure I’ve missed at least one at some point, though). I hope that if I made an error of some type, or said something offensive without realizing it, my followers would call me out about it. I haven’t put a lot of thought into this before now, but I think this was a great post 🙂

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  3. Ha, glad I’m not the only one who struggles with discussion posts, when I try to think of any it’s like my brain is empty!😂

    Completely agree with everything you wrote, especially about respect, I have to say that goes for the authors as well as bloggers to.

    Hell Yeah for personality, your blog is an extension of you so it should incorporate your personality in it and not just be bland and vanilla.

    I’ll add, I don’t want any of those things from my followers apart from they keep following my blog, no blog name tattoos or first born child for me thanks, I guess if they know any single book loving ladies then they could send them my way!😂 but what I really want from my followers is if each one would kindly send me £10 for having such a quality blog!😂

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    1. Drew, we should totally hold a bookworm version of The Dating Game (old TV show in the U.S. where there was a bachelor and would ask women behind a screen questions, then pick the lady he wanted to take on a date based only on her answers). I would be happy to screen all applicants and find you a eligible bookworm bachelorette!!! #FindDrewABookMate ❤

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  4. I love, love, love this! Sometimes I am told repeatedly to stop making blogging a chore when I am simply holding myself to certain expectations and standards. I know I cannot always do it all right or all of the time. But we have to have standards right? ❤

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  5. This post is great! I’m still somewhat new at blogging and am thinking of ways to branch out (discussions, weekly memes, etc.). Right now I only do reviews, spotlights, that sort of thing. I absolutely love your kids corner! This post has inspired me to look outside the box and add more/different content. 😊

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  6. I have choreographed a dance in your honor…it goes something like this:
    What do you think? 🤔🤞

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Crap! Someone beat me to a funny dance comment! And they did it better than I did! 👏👏

      Also, you may be opening a Pandora’s box if you let readers write comments about typos, lol. I see them in almost everyone’s blog posts all the time! My husband looks through his news feed at 6:00am, so he usually catches my typos first.

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  7. *looks awkwardly around* I would definitely never drop off the face of the earth either. Ahem. I can’t believe we’ve been blogging for so long now man 😮 But yes all of this is so true! Hear hear!

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  8. This is a fantastic discussion post Amanda! I think we all have our own set of expectations as bloggers. I agree that I try to add variety to my blog by doing posts outside of reviews, which do make up the bulk of what I write but I like having a weekly meme of my own as well as having a surprise post every week…some weeks it’s WWW, some it’s a tag, a discussion, an interview, Etc. I want people to keep wondering what they might find each week:) And I also always respond to my fellow bloggers comments as well as stopping by others and commenting on different blogs daily…that’s whats so fun!!

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    1. I think a good variety of posts not only keeps followers interested, but us bloggers interested in blogging as well. I also try and visit my fellow book bloggers posts as well and interact there too, but sometimes it’s easier said than done at times. I always admire how well you seem to maintain it all Renee! You always seem to balance it all very well 😊

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      1. Well I think it helps that I’m not working this semester and my kids are older…one in college and the other almost 17 so I don’t have little kids I’m driving around or having to take care of so I have quite a bit of time available to read more blogs and comment. I really love talking about books and reading how other people review so it’s actually pretty enjoyable for me all around. I don’t think I could’ve kept up when my kids were younger…I admire all of you with young ones who maintain such awesome blogs AND find time to read!!

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  9. Great post there. Because of the way I approach my blog, I don’t often think of it as an exchange in this way. The exchange for me starts and stops in communication and exchange of ideas on my blog n other platforms. So I can guarantee to be honest, but not always consistent or entertaining. Since my blog is a sorta personal space, I do expect peeps to be respectful and that’s about it. I just hope they’ll read my stuff n comment n follow as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading! I think thinking of blogging this way helps keep me accountable and keeps me on track with my goals. As far as my expectations for my followers, of course I want followers, BUT if someone isn’t be respectful, I am happy to block said person. I also want my followers to know that I don’t have unrealistic expectations (i.e. Reading every word of every post)


  10. Love this discussion post! I’m defiantly a variety blogger, I think it keeps things interesting! I totally agree with you, once you hit that follow button or get that first comment, it’s a connection made. That’s my favorite thing about blogging. The connections are so important and so fun! Love this post and that you keep yourself in line with your expectations. I try to!! lol 😊

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    1. Thanks for reading Amanda! I’m happy that so many of my blogger friends are agreeing with me and share many of my expectations. Thinking of blogging as maintaining connections really helps me remember that the most important aspect of blogging is the connections and interaction ❤

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  11. I love the Babble! more often please? lol, I do think your personality shines through your blog & charming is def one of the traits I picked up on 😉 On the topic of honesty, we share similar beliefs when it comes to reviewing…no need to be mean & bash, there is a way to give your honest opinion w/out dragging an author. I also try and find one positive in every book I disliked for whatever reason.Interaction…I’m finding that lately it takes me about a day or two which I believe is reasonable as you grow your following. I love that you’ve been reading diversely as well, It allows a person like myself to get another opinion/perspective on a book like Small Great Things. Overall, I think you’re GOLDEN Amanda & I’ll get to working on that shrine for ya since I’ve never been one to bust a move on the dance floor lol 🙂

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    1. Hahaha I know right?! I have so many discussion post ideas drafted but for some reason am always hesitant to write & post them. I think it stems from the fear that I will sound like a bumbling idiot lol

      You know, I will also except a cash donation in lieu of a shrine 😜


  12. Great post, you should definitely do this more often!!! I mostly agree, I think that interaction is the most important thing for me and I don’t always get it… so I prefer those blogs that don’t merely post and post and post…. but also return your comments and visit others. About variety, I don’t know, I love that you read children’s, fantasy and contemporary, but sometimes I also follow blogs that I know only read a certain genre and I like that 🙂

    Anyways, love your blog ❤

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    1. Oh I definitely think a book blog with a “niche” like a specific genre are just as entertaining & beneficial as ones that read a variety of books. I know those blogs will have the 411 on the latest books in that genre. For example, I can always count on you & Amy @NovelGossip to have read any thrillers/suspense/crime fiction books that I’m curious about. Very good point Annie!

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  13. Personality is my favourite thing to see in someone’s posts! If you only include a Goodreads description of a book and don’t say anything yourself, what’s the point?
    I’m kind of bad with variety in the sense that I have too much. Some of my posts are about university life, events I go to, and movie reviews, which is a bit odd for a book blog. I always try to include bookish posts in between so no one will think I am not actually a book blogger, but mostly my policy is to have fun and post what I feel like talking about! 😃
    And yes, interaction is so important! If someone leaves a thoughtful comment on one of my posts, I will always respond and check out their blog!
    I think you bring up an important issue in saying that you don’t expect everyone to read all of your posts. I feel like sometimes I get personally offended when someone comments on most of my posts and then skips one, which is ridiculous, especially considering the variety of things I talk about. Like, not everyone is going to be interested in a uni event round-up, and I shouldn’t take it personally!
    This is a fantastic discussion post, and I love the ending! Good job!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading! I think as long as the *majority* of your posts are book related, you are definitely a book blog. I actually don’t mind when bloggers post something that is non book related and on a more personal level. I find it nice to get to know the bloggers I follow and what they are up to in real life. I typically mention small tidbits of my personal life in my wrap-up posts, but I don’t really have enough things in my real life that would be entertaining enough for a full post lol At the End of the day, it’s your blog so do what makes YOU happy!

      I’m glad you realized that you should t take it personally when one of your more active followers skips a post. As I’m sure you’ve discovered, blogging is much more time consuming than it appears. I wish I could read every post from all the blogs I follow, but I would never be able to write my own posts. It’s all about finding that balance.

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      1. That’s good! I know some people prefer to see only bookish content. 😊
        Yep, definitely! I take it much less personally now, which is good. 😛


  14. Love this post! I don’t have a first born child, but you can babysit my new kitten if you want… 😉 I basically agree with everything you said above, both blogger and follower expectations. Are we blogger twins?! Consistency, honesty and variety are my main blogging goals and I love interaction with fellow booklovers. Like you I don’t expect followers to read every post/word; I’m already happy with a comment/like or two as long as they are honest and respectful. A big YES to different opinions! I love reading what other people think, especially if it’s the complete opposite of my own experience with a book.

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    1. Bahhh I love kittens but I’m allergic 🤧 I used to play with barn cats when I was little, but I developed the allergy as I got older. Does your kitten have a name?!?

      Thank you so much for reading! I have noticed we are very similar in many ways. Obviously awesome people are drawn to other awesome people lol I also love reading reviews that are the polar opposite from mine! I always enjoy seeing things in a different light and maybe shedding some light on things I missed or overlooked.

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      1. Aw shoot! I have it the other way around; I used to be allergic as a kid but grew over it… You will probably like her name though: Delilah Bard, Lila for short. 😀

        And YES great minds think alike! 😉 Unpopular opinion and different opinion than mine reviews are my favorite; I tend to learn a lot more about a story from them and like you said it’s great seeing how others interpret a story.


  15. Love this so much! I also feel like I suck at discussion post when it comes to books or other things. So I completely understand. Your blog and blogging skills are amazing and I definitely love your blog post because they range in so many areas. Your personality definitely shines through each of your blog post no matter what genre/tag/meme you’re doing. And I love that because that’s what makes you, you. And that’s what stands out with cover2covermom ❤

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    1. Ah shucks Gretchen. You sure know how to stoke an ego ❤

      I am definitely hesitant to post discussion posts because I worry I’ll sound like an idiot. Plus there are so many awesome bloggers who write brilliant discussion posts… what could I possibly add to the game? Basically I just click post and hope I make some sort of sense to at least one person lol

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  16. Fan-freakin’-tastic post, Amanda!! I love this. And I seriously couldn’t have said it better myself. I agree with everything you said! These are all legitimate, reasonable expectations… both from blogger and follower. Respect and honesty are definitely a must! Nice job with this one!! (And you know I love you and your blog… so much so that I have Cover2CoverMom tattooed on my butt. Just saying. I’ll show you later, if you want 😉)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Danny is totally cool with the tattoo! (It was partly his idea.) 😂😂😂 It actually does say bookslayerReads on one cheek, and Cover2CoverMom on the other cheek. With a heart right in between! Lol! I ❤u 2!!

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  17. I think these are reasonable explanations for bloggers and followers and I try to offer all that you do (though man do I struggle with variety when it comes to types of posts).

    But I also wonder about likes/comments. My thought is that I don’t really know who my followers are. With such little interaction per post compared to my overall number of followers…It’s like a ghost town out there. I often don’t know if people read my posts!

    As a follower I try to comment (though I admit I’m lazy) but at least like the post as a signal that I’ve read it, even if it didn’t provoke commentary. I just don’t see that much on my own blog

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well I would also keep in mind that maybe those who are reading your posts may not be bloggers? If you have page views then at least you know people are at least reading them! If it is more blogger interaction you are looking for, my best advice is to get out there and interact! I’ve found that if I don’t interact on others blogs, I don’t get much on mine. Like the old saying goes, you gotta give in order to receive. Be active in the community as a whole (get your name out there so to speak) and people will be curious about you and check your blog out. It is very time consuming, but you’ll also discover lots of new friends this way, which in turn will drive up your blog traffic.


      1. I don’t like to follow too many blogs because I don’t often make the time to read posts and I like to at least see what everyone has posted since I last tuned in and then read most of the posts. I don’t want an endless feed of posts I can’t keep up with.Lol. So I do interact with those I follow, but it is a very small group, though I already have met awesome people here and on Instagram.

        I think what I could do more of is read other comments on those posts of blogs I follow and interact there.

        I know people are reading my content but sometimes it’s just hard to judge outside my core few followers if people enjoy what I’m putting out.

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      2. I completely understand! I think interaction is probably easier on Instagram and other social media like twitter, because most people have them… unlike blogs where you have to be a blogger to comment…if that makes sense. I guess the point I’m trying to make is that it is hard to gage with a blog, but I wouldnt worry about it as long as you are getting views 👍🏻


  18. This is such a good post, Amanda! I agree with you on everything, and I do have the same expectations for myself and for my followers as a blogger. Interaction is the best and I do take a lot of time to answer to everyone, also I try to let my personality shows a little bit with each of my posts. Yours definitely shows for sure, and I love it 🙂

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    1. Thank you for reading! I’m so happy that my fellow bloggers seem to be able to relate to this post. I was nervous it wasn’t going to make sense lol Do you ever have those post ideas that seem brilliant in your head, but when you write them out you are not so sure? Or maybe that’s just me… anyways, this post was like that lol 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha no, definitely not only you here – this happens to me all the time when I start writing a blog post. I’m constantly wondering if I am making any sense at all haha.


  19. This is a brilliant idea for a discussion post. The relationship between a blogger and a follower is something I take for granted, honestly. I assume that the way I interact as a follower and as a blogger is common sense and universal, but I shouldn’t do that… I love what you’ve outlined here. It’s obvious that you’ve put a lot of thought into it. I agree with a lot of this. I’ll have to spend some time considering my own expectations as both a blogger and a follower.

    I struggle with the blogger-definition of consistency. It varies by person, for sure. For example, I’ve been pretty quiet this month. And while I said something about that on my Feb in Review post, I don’t expect everyone to have caught it. Should I apologize when posting starts to happen regularly again? I care more about content than consistency. But the real crux is this: do I lose followers when I’m silent?

    Lastly, I want to add that it’s important to allow yourself forgiveness when it comes to your standards. I see so many bloggers beating themselves up publically when they don’t meet their own goals/expectations. We can’t constantly be comparing ourselves to the perceived perfection of others! Everyone should do their best and just own up to it. No one is expecting you to be perfect. That’s so true.

    Okay. You obviously need to do more of these. Look at how much I wrote in response! It’s like a mini-review, right here.


    1. Very good points Jackie. You are so right, consistency in blogging varies from blogger to blogger. I personally strive to post a weekly wrap-up + 2 more posts every week. Sometimes I post more, sometimes less. I think posting as “little” as once a week is still “consistent.” Again we all need to take hiatuses every once in a while when life gets busy. I am talking more about those who disappear for months and months without any explication. I wouldn’t anticipate you losing followers because you’ve had one slower month Jackie. I only unfollow someone who has been inactive for over 6 month (sometimes longer if I really enjoyed their blog). These are just things that I personally strive for in blogging, it isn’t to say my way is right and someone else’s is wrong. You also bring up the debate on good content vs. consistency. Obviously in a perfect world you would have both, but we bloggers know that good content takes time, which can mean less consistent blogging… it’s all about balance.

      Thank you so much Jackie!!! I’m actually working on a bunch of discussion posts right now. I’ve never been short on ideas, I just worried if my discussion posts would be good enough… basically I’m super insecure lol


  20. I love this post.

    I am a fairly new blogger and feel that I am still struggling to find my own identity when it comes to blogging and really want to find ways to do that. These are fantastic points that definitely resonate with me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for reading!

      Don’t worry about not finding your identity if you are new to book blogging, it can be super overwhelming at first! I’ve been blogging for a year now and I still struggle. As long as you are blogging for you and are being yourself, everything else will fall into place. I think setting up these “expectations” for myself has really helped me to hold myself accountable and be the type of blogger I aspire to be.


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