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February 2017 TBR


Hello bookworms!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I love making my monthly TBRs.  I am a very schedule oriented person, so figuring out which books I will read at the beginning of each month really helps me keep on track with my reading goals.  It also takes out all the uncertainty of what I will read next.  For me, there is nothing worse then standing in front of my bookshelves and trying to figure out what to pick up.  I *typically* read around 8 books a month, so I generally keep my TBR lists around 5-6 books so I can have some wiggle room to squeeze in some mood reading.  It works for me.

This month I am excited to start adding books to my TBR for a book festival that I am attending in April.  More details down below…


NetGalley TBR:

» The German Girl by Armando Lucas Correa

» The Wolf Road by Beth Lewis

SOKY Book Fest TBR:

» A Sparrow in Terezin by Kristy Cambron

» Bel Canto by Ann Patchett

» State of Wonder by Ann Patchett

I will be attending the SOKY Book Fest that takes place in Bowling Green KY on Friday April 21st – Saturday 22nd.  In order to prepare for this event, I will be adding books by confirmed authors to my monthly TBRs until the event.  Some of the confirmed authors (so far) include…

*Book titles link to Goodreads & author names link to their website

 • Ann Patchett → Commonwealth

 • R.L. Stine → Goosebumps books

 • Lauren Tarshis → I Survived books

 • Cinda Chima → Seven Realms series

  • Jennifer ArmentroutThe Problem with Forever

  • Kristy Cambron → The Butterfly and the Violin (Hidden Masterpiece series)

  • Tiffany McDaniel → The Summer That Melted Everything

  • Catherine McKenzie → Fractured

  • Mindy McGinnis → The Female of the Species

And many more!

Miscellaneous TBR:


» A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab

V.E. Schwab will be coming to the Joseph-Beth book store in Crestview Hills KY on March 4th to promote the 3rd book in her Shades of Magic series, A Conjuring of Light.  This store is about 1.5 hours away from where I live in Ohio, but I will gladly drive it to see V.E. Schwab!  This was the motivation I needed to finally get around to reading A Gathering of Shadows.


Which books are you planning on reading in February?

28 thoughts on “February 2017 TBR”

  1. Bel Canto is amazing! Sounds like a great festival. I hope you have a great time!

    I don’t do a monthly TBR as I’m an INSANE mood reader. But my library holds lists often shapes the course of my reading, even as I try to stay on top of it so that things come in when I’m ready for them. But this month I’ll be reading an e-galley of Coronation Summer by Angela Thirkell that the publisher sent me, as well as In a Dark Dark Wood by Ruth Ware and Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson (I’ve got both of those checked out right now.) Those are the for-sure reads, but i’ll have some others too more than likely!

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      1. I have read The Magician’s Assistant and The Patron Saint of Liars, both of which I liked very much. I plan to read all of her novels eventually. Her memoir Truth and Beauty about her friendship with the late Lucy Grealy is also very good!


  2. I’ll be going to the event in Crestview Hills, for sure! Hopefully I’ll see you there! And I wasn’t aware of the event in Bowling Green. That’s only a 45 minute drive from me, so I’ll have to go to that one too!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks! And yeah, I think it’s at a little bookstore, so we shouldn’t have a problem finding each other! I’m so excited!

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  3. Bel Canto was the first book I read by Ann Patchett and it made me loyal to her for life! State of Wonder was also amazing. How fun to get to meet some of these wonderful authors!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL – there area MANY authors I would like to meet… unlike you, I have not met the great Stephen King (although I do have a picture taken in front of the wrought iron gates of his home). I would be excited too… so many authors!


  4. I admire how committed to you are to reading books by authors attending a book event/festival. I remember you did the same last year! 🙂
    Ahh, you’re going to meet V.E. Schwab! That’s too cool. I hope she comes to Austin sometime.

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  5. Wolf Road was one of my absolute favorites for 2016! Some seemed to struggled with the dialect (you will not because it is so fitting). Beth Lewis just writes so beautifully. I am super excited to see how you feel about it!

    As far as TBRs.. ummm I have commitment issues haha. I do not set one anymore. I might do better to do so 🤔😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am trying to finish up my current reads so I can get finally pick it up!

      Many people I’ve talked to have similar feelings about TBRs. If I don’t make them up in advance, I have the hardest time trying to figure out which book to read next… I have a hard time making my mind up, so this way I only have to do it once a month lol

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  6. Great TBR! I don’t like to schedule out my reads because I like to read based on how I’m feeling. That said, I typically have a TBR just because of all my book clubs. Scheduling might make reading less stressful, though. I might steal that idea from you. 😉

    I am also reading A Gathering of Shadows this month in anticipation of the final book’s release. I am super excited. You have an awesome TBR– I’m a bit jealous.


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