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September 2016 TBR


Since I did so well following my August TBR, I hope to be just as successful with my September TBR.  I find that if I shoot low and only put 5 books on my TBRs, they are more manageable and it leaves me with a little wiggle room to squeeze in a mood read or two.

Here are the books I’m planning on reading in September…

In preparation for the Books by the Banks Book Festival that I am attending in October, I will be continuing to read as many books by confirmed authors as I can until October 15th.  BBTB is an annual book festal held in Cincinnati, Ohio, about an hour away from me, and will be my first book festival!  I am super excited to meet authors like Maggie Stiefvater, Jenny Lawson, Tiffany McDaniel, Emily Henry, and many more!

Books by BBTB authors:

» Little Nothing by Marisa Silver

I am probably the most excited for this book out of the 3 books by BBTB authors on my September TBR.  I have high expectations.

» Fractured by Catherine McKenzie

I have not read much in the thriller genre, but I really want this book to knock my socks off!

» Never Always Sometimes by Adi Alsaid

I don’t have high expectations for this one.  I am hoping it is going to be a sweet fluffy YA romance…I hope I don’t regret trying this one out.

My book club’s September book selection:


» A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

I was very excited when my book club selected A Man Called Ove for September’s book selection!  I’ve heard really good things about it.

Book to diversify my reading:


» The Book of Esther by Emily Barton

As some of you know, I have challenged myself to read one book each month written by or about a person (or people) who differ from me: people of color, people of different religions, people with physical or mental handicaps, LGBT+ characters, etc. etc.

The Book of Esther is my first book in my goal to diversify my reading.  Emily Barton, a “Jewess,” incorporates a lot of Jewish customs and culture in this book, which I would love to learn more about. I also find the concept for this alternative WWII historical fiction to be absolutely fascinating!

What books are you planning on reading in September?

28 thoughts on “September 2016 TBR”

  1. Oh that’s awesome Amanda! you get to meet Tiffany McDaniel, I’m really looking forward to reading The Summer That Melted Everything, I hope you have a wonderful time at BBTB! A Man Called Ove & this author’s 2nd book Britt Marie Was Here are 2 books that I would love to get to this year. I’ll keep an eye out for your thoughts on Ove. For some reason Ove makes me think of the little old man from the animated children’s film UP 🙂

    Happy Reading!

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  2. I swear I’ve just given up on TBRs altogether. They mostly exist so that I can take a picture of books that I probably WON’T read for Instagram and then laugh at it at the end of the month. But your TBR looks awesome! I love how you’re doing a bit of this and that. I so was to tell myself I’ll read certain books to diversify, or whatever for whatever reason, but instead I’m going BUT I HAVE SO MANY FANTASY BOOKS THAT NEED READING. But I guess that problem will just continue to keep happening if I continue to buy fantasy books, *sigh*.

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    1. I think I’ve been doing so well because I have a deadline for the BBTB book festival books, so those are all top priority books that I read first.

      Then I have my book club book that I have to read, but I usually save it and start that book the week before the scheduled meeting so it is fresh in my mind. It’s actually nice to have a book selected for me each month… I am forced to read all kinds of books I may not have otherwise read.

      I think only including a few books on a monthly TBR is key so I don’t feel overwhelmed and give up. 5 books is doable. Plus if I finish the list I can move on to my overall TBR… It kind of motivates me in a way.

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  3. Little nothing and The Book of Esther look really interesting so I’ll ve relying on your thoughts about those. I listened to A Man Called Ove a few months back and it was just a bit too Meh for me, a little similar to the Rosie Project if you have read that?

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  4. I don’t read enough literature by Jewish authors that center Jewish culture. I’ll add The Book of Esther to my TBR. Look forward to your review.
    It’s so great that you’re trying to read the books before the festival starts. I don’t think I could commit to that. heh Good luck and have fun!
    I have a couple of book festivals to look forward to as well in the next couple of months. Should be exciting. 😀

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    1. I have really high hopes for The Book of Esther! Especially since it is a WWII alternate history with some steampunk flavor… It just sounds badass 😁.

      Ooooo which book festivals are you going to?!? You live in TX right? I bet you have some amazing book festivals there! Ohio isn’t exactly a hot spot for authors/book events, so I’m so excited for this!


      1. There’s the Texas Teen Book Festival on October 1st, which will have tons of amazing authors like Sabaa Tahir, Leigh Bardugo, Roshani Chokshi, plus many more. And in November there’s the Texas Book Festival, which is huge! They’re both in my city. 😁

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