Book Traveling Thursday: Favorite Bookish BFFs

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Happy Thursday!  It’s time again for Book Traveling Thursday! Visit the BTT Goodreads Group for more info and to see upcoming themes.


This week’s BTT theme was favorite bookish BFFs.  I decided to select a book I recently finished last week…

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

First U.S. edition

Amazon // Goodreads

I finished reading The Shadow of the Wind last week and WOW did I love it!  I can’t wait to write my review.  I adored the friendship between Daniel and Fermín.  It was indeed a “bromance” at its finest.  I loved the playful banter and dialogue between two friends.   What really makes them remarkable friends is their fierce loyalty to one another.

This book has sold more than 15 MILLION copies in over 20 different countries… therefore there were a few covers to chose from…

Favorite Covers…

I love these covers!  I feel like they fit the tone of the book, while still being aesthetically pleasing.

Least Favorite Covers…

Eh.  Some of these are ok… some are just plain ugly.

Who are some of your favorite bookish BFFs?

Feel free to link to your BTT post!  I’d love to read it 🙂

5 thoughts on “Book Traveling Thursday: Favorite Bookish BFFs”

  1. Oh boy I’ve got so many favourite BFFs that I’m drawing a blank now. Maybe Cath & Wren in Fangirl or Ron & Harry in HP or Puck and Megan in The Iron King. Argh!! So many.

    I think I really need to reread this book. I only remember it vaguely now but I remember loving it. I’ve got the next book in the ‘series’ to read so maybe I’ll marathon them in the near future… Do you think you’ll continue reading it?

    Also I totally love that orange-y cover you put in your dislike section, haha. Gawsh Amanda 😂

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    1. I was in the fence about that cover… So it got lumped in with the bad 😅.
      Harry, Ron, and Hermoine are definitely a power trio for friendship, so I thought everyone was going to do them.
      I will definite be continuing on with TSOTW series! There is A LOT that goes on in the book… I’ve actually started taking notes while reading series when I won’t be continuing on right away, that way I can go back and remember what the hell happened in the previous book 😉

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      1. Ahh that’s a clever idea (why don’t I do these things?). I’ve written down for like Game of Thrones and other books with bunches of characters in them where the characters are at at the end of the books and that seems to help. Have you ever used the website ReCaptains? They actually summarise books in great detail to save you the hassle of rereading them if you don’t have the time. Life. Savers.


      2. I’ve never heard of it!!! I’ve heard of sites like SparkNotes, but they have more classic books and the books you would read in school… I need to visit the site for the Outlander series!!! I haven’t read the most recent book because it’s been so log since I read the others and don’t remember what happened!

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