Freebie Friday! Free ebooks 4/15/16

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TGIF!  Welcome to another Freebie Friday here on the blog!

Every Friday I post free ebooks that are available.  Where do I get my intel?  BookBub!  BookBub is a FREE service that will send you a daily email with free and discounted ebooks.   I always try and select books from different genres to have a little something for everyone.

It was slim pickings this week for free ebooks!  Hopefully things will pick up next week!

Disclaimer:  These ebooks are free as of 4/14/16.  These are limited time offers and are subject to change at any time.   


Amazon Kindle

Genre: Thriller

4.11 star rating (686 ratings) on Goodreads

From an international bestselling author comes this “tough, taut thriller” (Michael Connelly). Crime reporter Tom Reed heads out onto the scene for one last scoop — a hostage situation with his wife as the victim.

51bmN+WeexL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Amazon Kindle

Genre: Chick Lit

4.33 star rating (15 ratings) on Goodreads

When Carolina opens a B&B in rural Georgia, she finds herself living in a place where her business is everyone’s business — and vice versa! A delightful novel about small-town life, full of twists and turns.


Amazon Kindle

Genre: Historical Fiction

4.00 star rating (1,240 ratings) on Goodreads

Set in Berlin during the Holocaust, this deeply moving, unforgettable tale follows the impossible love between German Detrick and Jewish Leah as their families struggle to survive amid the madness. With over 500 five-star reviews on Amazon.

51JjhVJkrlL._SY423_BO1,204,203,200_Amazon Kindle

Genre: Sci-Fi

4.53 star rating (50 ratings) on Goodreads

In a world where mankind was forced underground to recreate society, moon dweller Adele sets out to find her family, while sun dweller Tristan becomes involved in a war between the realms. A striking science fiction series.


Amazon Kindle // B&N Nook // Apple

Genre: YA Fantasy

3.75 star rating (1,804 ratings) on Goodreads

In Serena’s world, women are treated as possessions and valued only for the magic in their blood. But when the kind barbarian Zade wins her as his fiancée, Serena begins to take control of her life for the first time…

512xO7S804L._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_Amazon Kindle

Genre: Crime Fiction

3.90 star rating (341 ratings) on Goodreads

When someone is found beaten to death at a classy cocktail party, it’s up to Detective Chief Inspector Fitzjohn to solve the case. Meanwhile, the son of the soiree’s host discovers that his fiancée has gone missing. A maze of mystery and intrigue!


Amazon Kindle

Genre: Horror

4.04 star rating (80 ratings) on Goodreads

A childhood accident leaves Doug with disturbing visions of a monstrous creature. His powers quiet after he marries Annie — but the joy of her pregnancy is eclipsed by the voice of a pleading, lost child. Guided by a powerful artifact, Doug sets out on a heart-pounding journey to save his family.

Did you see anything that tickled your fancy?

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