Freebie Friday! Free ebooks 4/1/16

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TGIF! Welcome to another edition of Freebie Friday here at C2CMom.  Freebie Friday is a weekly segment where I share ebooks available for FREE.  I try to select a variety of genres to have a little something for everyone.  Where do I find these deals?  I receive a daily email from BookBub, a website that sends you daily emails with free and discounted book recommendations.  Check it out!  This weeks free ebooks are…

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change at any time.  The following books are free as of 4/1/16.



Amazon Kindle // B&N Nook // Apple

Genre: Teen/YA

3.84 star rating (580 ratings) on Goodreads

When shy teen Meara moves to a tiny seaside town, she starts experiencing vivid hallucinations that could lead to her long-lost father. Now she and her new friend Evan must discover who — and what — she really is.


Amazon Kindle

Genre: Cozy Mystery

3.73 star rating (667 ratings) on Goodreads

In this enchanting cozy mystery, journalist Paige decides to combine work and R&R at a beautiful New Mexico resort — only to stumble into a suspenseful adventure full of intrigue, secrets, and romance!


Amazon Kindle

Genre: Historical Romance/Time Travel

3.84 star rating (1,055 ratings) on Goodreads

In the 21st century, Emme wonders if she’ll ever find the right man — and in 1812, James pines for the woman of his dreams. A glitch in time brings two lonely hearts together in this enthralling romance!


Amazon Kindle // B&N Nook // Apple

Genre: Sci-Fi

3.75 star rating (811 ratings) on Goodreads

By 2072, Earth is dying, and the human race is on the brink of extinction. Only a select few people will be chosen to carry on the species — and the competition is deadly. But the journey to a planet light-years away may be the greatest challenge of all…



Amazon Kindle

3.83 star rating (625 ratings) on Goodreads

Genre: Crime Fiction

An electrifying mystery from an Edgar Award–winning author: After a wealthy New Orleans restaurateur is murdered, his children suddenly disappear — and homicide detective Skip Langdon faces her most baffling case yet.


Amazon Kindle // B&N Nook // Apple

Genre: Teen/YA

4.34 star rating (989 ratings) on Goodreads

After losing her parents to the zombie apocalypse, Reagan is determined to live a life filled with joy, not fear. Together with her best friend Haley, she searches for an oasis away from danger. But will she ever feel safe enough to fall in love?


Amazon Kindle // B&N Nook // Apple

Genre: Women’s Fiction

4.23 star rating (81 ratings) on Goodreads

Kyra Aberdeen seems bubbly and happy on the outside, but underneath it all, she hides a crushing darkness. Hoping to escape her inner demons, Kyra returns to her mother’s childhood home on Canaan Island and meets a local who may be able to see her for who she really is.


Amazon Kindle

Genre: Women’s Fiction

3.90 star rating (97 ratings) on Goodreads

As a college student, Bethany Morris secretly gave up her baby for adoption. When she runs into the child’s father years later, she must set off across the country to find the daughter she doesn’t know.

Did any of the books peak your interest?  Comment and let me know!

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